Online Mixed Media and Art Journaling Classes

Why, hello there!
Join our mixed-media online courses and we can promise you one thing - your art practice will never be the same again. It's going to turn exhilarating, fun and super free.

You will be taken care of, my sweetness. As well as showing you some great techniques, we will be introducing you to messy, free play and art journaling about your emotions. We will make you enjoy the mixed-media process (wildly, enthusiastically, passionately) and you will finally stop stressing about the outcome. We will deal with your inner critic, lack of ideas and the general feeling of "blah..." when your process feels lacking.

We have plenty of offerings and courses - all fashioned to burst with inspiration the second you join. We are also constantly working on our new ideas (yes, we have a special notebook for them and it's a real fat beast) and we also offer some ultra jazzy, limited-time challenges and courses that are FREE to our followers. Sign up to our newsletter and you won't miss a thing (best do it now, my lovely, because if you are anything like us, you may forget all about it the second you start reading the next line.)

  • We are based in the UK, but you can join our courses from anywhere in the world (well, Internet access is quite crucial!).
  • We are a husband and wife team, but every year we are joined by lots of international Teachers.
  • We are pretty well organised, but we do make a mess when it comes to creating art. And we embrace it. Mightily.