There's something really special about painting faces, isn't there?

It's like we're capturing a part of our own souls each time.

But let's be real: drawing and painting faces is not always an easy process. Our brains are so used to seeing faces that even a small unintentional mistake in proportions and perspective can stick out and make it look weird.

And it's a common misconception that if you want to paint abstract you don't need to follow the rules of proportion. Quite the opposite - if you want to give an impression of a face, even with abstract features, understanding the perspective and proportions is KEY!

You must know the rules to break them.

We've created this collection of lesson from Wanderlust archives to give confidence when it comes to drawing and painting faces with different supplies.

You'll explore storytelling through portrait as well as learning the proportions and loosening up.

Are you ready to explore with us?

Who will I be learning from?

Create portrait art with instruction and inspiration from a team of 7 teachers, including Ivy Newport, Tracy Verdugo, Belinda Fireman, Kasia Avery, Jamie Avery, Jeanne Oliver & Lynne Furrer.

The bundle includes 7 classes, totalling at over 6.5 hours of brilliant, bold and inspiring video content to help you get to grips with creating mixed-media portraits in all kinds of styles, and with all types of materials.

Practice different art styles and approaches!

7 Artists = 7 different approaches for maximum learning.

We encourage you to watch & create with each teacher with an open mind - each will help you discover something new, whether it's about your supplies, a way of working, or even something about yourself! 

Cherrypick your favourite portrait styles and techniques, and come back to the bundle whenever you need more inspiration or a reminder on the process.

(lifetime access is included!)

Here's what some of our students said about these classes...

I am so inspired from this lesson! I mostly work in mixed media, doing floral, landscape abstract and love texture. I have been intimidated by portraits but have found I enjoy sketching portraits using charcoal, water soluble graphite or stabilo using a wet brush to blend and contour. I learned a lot from your process and the texture you achieved using rust, clear gesso, powdered charcoal, and collage. Cannot wait to try it all out. Thank you!

-Lucy Tyson (on Jeanne Oliver)

Fabulous teaching with intricate mark making. By far you are one of the best watercolor portrait artists I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. Thank you for a lovely lesson, and I can't wait to try everything.

-Karla Hull (on Lynne Furrer)

I've watched this twice already, and I plan on watching it a few more times. Thank you so much for this great lesson. I've taken loose watercolor portrait sketching classes before, but I've never had anybody explain it as well as you have. This is an awesome lesson and I love your style!

-Nancy Schwickrath (on Lynne Furrer)

challenge perfectionism

build your repertoire of techniques as you try out varying approaches and processes with our seven selected teachers

create intuitive portraits

learn from different intuitive approaches and watch as your portraits unfold across your art journal pages

explore scale + materials

explore working in a range of sizes, with materials like fineliner, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolour, pencil/ graphite and more!

What's included in the bundle...


with Jamie Avery

Join Jamie in this video to learn the benefits that paying attention to proportions when drawing people can have in your art. In this video Jamie shares some guidelines for drawing the basic proportions of the face and body, with different approaches like using simple shapes or capturing movement.

Presence Without Perfection

with Belinda Fireman

Join Belinda in this class as she shares how she uses drawing as a way to be present with her own thoughts, to acknowledge her inner critic, but still be comfortable with making 'mistakes'. Explore fineliner and watercolour techniques that you can return to again and again!

A Look in the Mirror

with Kasia Avery

Join Kasia in this class to paint a portrait in acrylics, imbued with themes of self-love, reassurance, forgiveness, care and more. Explore a process that nourishes your soul as well as deepens the meaning of your art.

Tresses & Trees

with Tracy Verdugo

Join Tracy in this lesson to create an artwork around the theme of Tresses & Trees, turning inspiration into a sketch, and following an intuitive process to land with a portrait! Use acrylic inks, oil pastels, charcoal, and pens to create your layered piece.

Blue Hair

with Lynne Furrer

Explore watercolours with Lynne Furrer in this class, with no drawing required!, and learn how to paint a free-flowing portrait in your journal. With only two colours needed, this is a fantastic approach to getting loose with your watercolours.

Collaged & Stitched

with Jeanne Oliver

Bursting at the seams with achievable portrait techniques and ideas, collage layers and hand-stitched details, this lesson is a wonderful intuitive journey through creating a patchwork portrait. Create along with Jeanne, using a minimal supply kit, and working loosely. Figure out where your own portrait is headed with Jeanne's process and examples as inspiration!

Into the Night

with Ivy Newport

Join Ivy to explore intuitive portraiture with the theme of 'Night', using both your dominant and non-dominant hand to help you embrace surprises along the way and get expressive!

Work with watersoluble pencil/ graphite, followed by your choice of acrylic and oil paint.


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  Proportions when Drawing
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  Presence Without Perfection
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  A Look in the Mirror
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  Of Tresses and Trees
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  Blue Hair
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  Collaged & Stitched
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  Into the Night
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Portrait Art Bundle in a nutshell:

-Explore portraits in different mediums with experienced Teachers, including Jamie Avery, Belinda Fireman, Kasia Avery, Tracy Verdugo, Lynne Furrer, Jeanne Oliver & Ivy Newport.

-Explore through a curated collection of 7 classes & portrait processes (over 6.5 hours total video content)

-All videos come with subtitles in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German.

-Plus printable handouts provided with the classes

-Enjoy lifetime access and return to the videos whenever you like, as many times as you like

-Learn to express yourself through creating portraits, and cherrypick the styles and techniques that call to you.

-Support from our friendly team whenever you need it!

So, are you ready to get creating portraits with us?

We hope you'll give your inner artist a squeeze of encouragement and say a big, happy YES. We'd love to inspire and guide you on a journey to creating art that makes you feel fulfilled!


How long will I have access to this bundle?

Lifetime access! Return to the videos any time, as many times as you'd like. Hooray!

Why is there tax added on top of the price?

As tax rates vary all over the world, adding tax on top of the price is the only way we can continue to offer our classes on sale globally.

This has been further complicated by Brexit, and international clamp downs on online tax collection.

Sales tax is worked out and added to the cart if applicable on a country by country basis.

Can I use my smartphone to watch the lessons?

Yes! Our website and classrooms work very well on tablets and smartphones.

What is your refund policy?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

Some of these lessons seem familiar, is it all new content?

The lessons in this bundle (besides the introduction video with Kasia) all come from our Wanderlust archives. If you've done Wanderlust in past (e.g. 2018 onwards) then that's why some of them may seem familiar. However some of them were never available with lifetime access before. 

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