Hey my lovely people, I have written a book!

It's been one of the most exciting and laborious projects I have ever tackled (right after bringing up my kids!) and so I am beyond happy to share my book, Creative Wanderlust with you!

Would you like a signed copy?

Signed copies are available from our Everything Art shop. We would love you to pop into our Wirksworth shop (21 St John's Street, DE44DR) or you can also order online. This is for UK customers only, sorry we're not able to ship the books outside of UK.

Creative Wanderlust is the result of my years of experience teaching thousands of people all over the world, both in-person and online.

I have a big file saved on my laptop. It's a list of questions, obstacles and problems that my students shared with me over the years. The book is built around them. I structured it so with my guidance you can jump over the most common issues and power through to establish a joyful, relaxed art process while taking care of your mental wellbeing.

Relaxed art + self-care = Creative Wanderlust!!!

Here's a little sneaky peek into the book:

What's included?

  •  25 chapters, 128 pages guiding your through the process of establishing a joyful, mindful art routine.
  •  15 step-by-step projects with in-depth instructions and structured for best learning experience for both experienced and novice art journalers
  • comprehensive guide on choosing your book for art journaling
  • knowledge-packed chapters about composition building, choosing colours and creating a supply kit to boost your confidence and prove that you're capable of creating interesting, coherent art
  • chapters helping jump over the most common obstacles: Finding the time, How to stop comparing yourself, Perfectionism.
  • chapters helping you create the most nourishing art practice. Setting up your art space, Self-care through art journaling, How to express feelings and emotions through art journaling
  • lots of my personal stories, never told before which I hope will inspire your creative journey
  •  Creative Sparks - an extension of our online Creative Sparks library, with ideas, recipes, prompts and inspiration to fuel your process.
  •  "Ask the Wanderlust Teacher" section where my guests answer some fun questions to give you ideas for your own creative process.
  • a good dose of sense of humour!

... and more!