Meet the

Wanderlust 2024


We're thrilled to introduce the team of Wanderlust 2024 Ambassadors.
Our Ambassadors are valued students of Wanderlust that have been with us for years and know the course inside out. Through the process they learnt their best ways to approach it and how to jump over common setbacks.
Now they are eager to support, encourage and help other Adventurers.
We are very honoured to be able to have their support!

Read on to meet them all. You'll be seeing these ladies in the Wanderlust 2024 classroom and our internal community called the Adventurers' Circle. They'll be encouraging and answering your questions along with our team!

Jennifer Perry

Hello! I’m Jennifer Perry, mother, wife, artist. The creative journey has been a healing tool throughout my life for many years. In the last 10 years painting and art journaling have had the starring roles in my healing practice. It’s where I feel most at home. I’m so excited to be in community with all of you in Wanderlust 2024! May this creative year be filled with new friendships, beauty and joy!

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Erin Bishop

After a lifetime of dabbling in a variety of creative pursuits, Erin discovered mixed media and art journaling in early 2020 and has been hooked ever since. She lives along the coast of Maine (USA) with her husband and two sons where she happily explores her newfound passion and cultivates a daily art practice. Sharing with others is her favorite part of creating. In addition to teaching online courses, Erin can be found posting nearly every day on Instagram and regularly uploading "how-to" and "journal with me" videos to YouTube.

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Adriana Gauzza

Hola, I am Adriana, born and raised in Colombia, South America. I came to live in USA more than 20 years ago. I work as a Computer Science Engineer but my love for crafting has always been with me. I found scrapbooking again around 2008 and I have never looked back. I love paper crafting the most, albums, 12x12 layouts, 6x8 binders, card making etc. I love altered projects as well as making T-shirts, mugs, and signs for my family and friends. 

This is my third year on Wanderlust and my favorite part of being an Adventurer is the supplies exploration. I now have a wider range of techniques to use with the supplies I have. I love the Adventurers Circle as it is a safe, warm place to post our progress on our Art Journals without pressure.

One piece of advice that I heard at the beginning of the class from Kasia and another teachers: substitute, work with what you have and only buy the supplies that you are very interested in keep using, I went crazy by wanting to have all the exact supplies that were being used, but not anymore, now I focus on the techniques. As a WL2024 Ambassador, please feel free to ask me any questions, I will be glad to answer you. Hasta pronto.

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Rachel Angela

Hi, I’m Rachel Angela, I live in Yorkshire, England with my husband and two daughters.
I love art in all forms; water-colouring, tangling, calligraphy, mixed media and of course art journalling! There isn’t a day goes by without some kind of arty tool in my hand!
I discovered Wanderlust in 2016, signed up, was immediately hooked and been an Adventurer for the last 8 years! I absolutely love discovering new mediums and being inspired by the amazing teachers with their wonderful array of techniques and styles! I love interacting with the community and have made some great friendships along the way! One year Jamie introduced us to the art form of tangling, a few years later I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and have recently set up my own YouTube channel. Despite having several health conditions, I try hard not to let these hold me back. I have found creating really helps my anxiety, mental health and wellbeing, transporting me to a place of joy as I create.
My advice to beginners would be to first and foremost RELAX. Yes you are here to learn, but by experimenting and having fun! There really are no rules, don’t be afraid to let go, flick that inner critic away, have an open mind, embrace the blank page and practise working intuitively. Be proud of any work you produce and don’t expect to finish your art in one sitting. Most of all ENJOY and have FUN!

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Natacha Denis

My name is Natacha and I'm the Belgian artist behind Button & Pen. Creative all my life, I was a teacher for 15 years before migrating to a more administrative job. But when the evening comes, I sit down in my studio to cut out, draw, paint and glue things. I'm never really alone: the dogs stand guard (snoring) on the doorstep while one of the cats laps up my watercolours every three minutes.
I love drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, creating, inventing, writing, scribbling, modelling, doubting, making mistakes, trying again. I also like trying out new techniques, learning new tricks and sharing this motley melting-pot of things with anyone who will listen. I usually work in a journal: art journal, creative journal, sketchbook, travel journal, daily journal... I like the pages bound together, the weight of the notebook in my hand, the sound of the pages as I turn them.

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