Get inspired by the Stories of Wanderlust participants

(years 2016-2022)

''I can say confidently that

I am an artist"

Before joining Wanderlust I hardly spent time in my studio.

My art practice is daily now, before wanderlust it was hit or miss. I’m exploring texture and colors more than ever before.

Wanderlust has turned my art practice around ! I can say confidently that I am an artist. Being able to create daily is a stress reliever for me and I’ve organized my studio to suit what I want to focus on.

-Jodie Pugh

''Art journaling with Wanderlust has opened my mind, and my heart.
It's made me an explorer of life."

Prior to Wanderlust I was very much a sketchbook, (and a "Zentangler, which I still love very much), with a black pen in my hand. I was learning to draw so that I could do some urban sketching mainly. Colour almost didn't exist in my work. I wasn't unhappy with it, but there were those days that I just wanted colour. Loving a pen in my hand I also started feeling that I wanted to "say" things in writing that were occupying a lot of space in my head. Maturing in years I found myself "thinking" about so many things that I seemed to have taken for granted previously, and it raised questions and gratitude and sometimes disappointments, and I wanted to note it down somehow. I didn't know yet that there was another way to "write" these thoughts and feelings. I also felt stuck in just doing things in the same way, not exploring other techniques or media. Admittedly I was and sometimes still am a bit fearful of all the possibilities and how much I might "stuff" up!

Wanderlust has taught me to take risks! It's helped me be less obsessed about trying to be perfect. I learned that sometimes it's ok to do something fast, it doesn't mean it was done with less love or care, it actually helps me to get out of my head sometimes. I'm using colour, so much colour! Art journaling with Wanderlust has opened my mind, and my heart. It's made me an explorer of life. Being able to scribble ineligible words on the page is so cathartic, like "morning pages". There is more freedom in my art now.

I feel so much gratitude when a fellow Wanderlust member takes time out of their day to say something about what I created, it's such a wonderful community. I have learned so much and I continue to do so. I love Fridays, they make me look forward to the weekend when I can get a good couple of hours to melt into my art journal. Thank you for a wonderful course, a gift really!

-Brenda Urbanik

''Each project I've finished represents a deep breath of belief that I can follow a creative path"

Joining Wanderlust 2022 was a big jump for me. I had asked for a small watercolor set for Christmas 2021 and was just playing around when I found all the layers of artstagram, the creativity, beauty, and community. I was beginning to learn about products and feeling very drawn to move into a regular art practice but recognizing I needed some instruction. I was also healing from some disappointing years of change and loss. I found that art journaling was one place that my heart, soul, and mind got a break from the disorder in my life. So I signed up to Wanderlust and then I went shopping!! (Pretty cheap therapy, that's what I say.)

For sure my art practice is maturing because of Wanderlust. I'm learning what I'm drawn to, what I'm not, and where my intuition is centered. I'm gaining confidence and joy in the finished product --and the accumulation of finished projects; I have a body of my own work that I can look through. Each project I've finished represents a deep breath of belief that I can follow a creative path. It's been healing to follow my instincts, first to even sign up for this, but to continue most weeks in finishing a project. To be instructed, even digitally, by people who offer what they know with generosity, humility, and passion. That is the intangible benefit-- the companionship is such a gift along with the accomplishment.

-Katrina De Man

''Enjoy the process is now my mantra!"

I had taken part in Wanderlust 2021 in order to improve my creative practice and find my own voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found that 'enjoy the process' rather than concentrating on the end result was the biggest change for me. I had had a disappointing art experience at school years ago and had developed a mindset where I wasn't good enough.

I started becoming interested in mixed media and this was a revelation! I signed up for Wanderlust as soon as I could. I was excited to find the focus on the materials. I have learnt a lot about my supplies and have a much better understanding of what can be done with them. I am loving exploring them in so many different ways.

I am now more confident as an artist. I can choose colours which work together, or contrast well. I don't talk myself out of doing something, even if at first sight, it may not be something I think I will enjoy. I am happy to try things and I don't worry that it isn't good enough or that I'm not going to be happy with the end result. 'Enjoy the process' is now my mantra!

-Ellie Foster

''Wanderlust 2022 gave me a structured time to practice art and carve out time for myself"

I have been a creative all my life, dabbling in and out of watercolours, acrylic painting, crafts, crochet, knitting, etc but I was unable to stick to any one genre. That left me feeling unaccomplished and unsatisfied, as I would move on from one creative outlet to another just as I was coming close to finding my style.

I was missing play and was chasing perfection and idealism. My art practice was very random and based on a youtube tutorial, aiming to achieve a set result.

I am also a new mother in 2022, so my art practice was filled with guilt and doubt on how I was showing up for my family and to my practice.

All in all, I was a bit all over the place in my art practice before Wanderlust 2022.

Wanderlust 2022 gave me a structured time to practice art and carve out time for myself.

Every Friday, in the morning, I watch the lesson while feeding my newborn. Friday evenings, I have been able to carve out 2 hours to play, maybe just use some tips from the lesson, maybe completely follow the lesson to the core, or just make a start to keep adding to it as the days go by. I am so much happier in my practice around the structure and that helps me show up to my new family as I am taking the time to refill my cup every week.

Wanderlust has taught me the importance of play - that it is okay to not be tied to one style, that it is okay to try different styles and mediums and just have fun without worrying about the end result in mind. I have consciously built up a ritual of making a cup of tea, lighting a candle and doing art journalling following Wanderlust lessons. I have really enjoyed the different techniques taught by the various artists without getting too caught up in being too hard on myself to find an end result. I have been a much happier person in my art practice and that for me in this moment is the journey that I am enjoying very much.

-Neha Choudhary

''Wanderlust is like a breath of fresh air.
Always new content, new artists to meet and teachers to learn from"

With Wanderlust, I learned that art doesn't have to be done all at once. This has allowed me to enjoy the process which is what I hear all the teachers say.

I started doing art to deal with anxiety so just stealing 30 minutes out of a busy day can make a world of difference for me. As I rush out the door to go to work, you'll find me making a few marks on my page or looking at what I did the night before. Art completes me, and Wanderlust fits into my schedule.

I've been doing Wanderlust for 4 years now. The course keeps me connected, not stagnant, evolving in my art, curious, pushes me to use my supplies in new ways, use supplies I hardly use, and it keeps me accountable.

Art has become like breathing, something I can’t live without. Wanderlust is like a breath of fresh air. Always new content, new artists to meet and teachers to learn from. I like to learn something new everyday!

-Julie Bishop

''I discovered that I AM an Artist!
Wanderlust has given me courage to be
confident in who I am"

I’ve always said,”I’m not an Artist.” I’ve had no formal training, I can’t draw well, and I don’t have an imagination. I can only follow instructions well. I did not make daily creative time for art. All that has changed with Wanderlust. I got brave and signed up for Wanderlust not knowing if I would be “good enough” to make something beautiful. I discovered that I AM an Artist! I know that art truly is in the eye of the beholder. That it’s ok if you make a mistake because imperfection is what makes Art perfect. I learned, most importantly, that I DO have a creative imagination and I can create something beautiful without exactly copying someone else’s art.

Wanderlust has given me courage

to be confident in who I am.

-Teri Grubbs

''I am overall more content, more present, happier, and more able to notice the positives all around me"

Spending regular, consistent time in my upstairs studio space was my biggest challenge prior to joining Wanderlust. I have a beautiful space, but it always seemed that something "really important" the laundry ;-)... took priority.

Wanderlust has helped me to maintain more of a dedicated art practice. When I am regularly making art, I am overall more content, more present, happier, and more able to notice the positives all around me versus wallowing in the tragic bad news so pervasive in these times. Then, hopefully, from this place of grounded presence, I can be more effective in my small ways of trying to help positive change happen.

I have loved the structure of having a new lesson each week. I generally schedule time to be in my studio space on my calendar, rather than try to "fit it in". I am now making that time a priority.

My art-related "problem" of maintaining a dedicated practice has been greatly improved by the Wanderlust Course and the fabulous and diverse teachers. Thank you Kasia, Jamie, and the entire Wanderlust Team. You are rockstars in my eyes.

-Molly Siddoway King

''I feel joy when I create and
the result can be as it is"

Before Wanderlust, I had no creating joy, I was self-critical and I had no routines.

Now, I work daily and I love it!

I feel joy when I create and the result can be as it is.

It is the creation itself that is important.

-Helen Lillieborg

''I have rediscovered my love of art"

I started Wanderlust 3 years ago - before that I hadn't followed my love of art since I was in college (I'm 63 - so a long time LOL). I've loved art my entire life, but put it aside as an adult. In Wanderlust, I have re-discovered my love of art and found new outlets to practice it in mixed media. I often go to bed thinking about the project in my newly created studio room and wake up in the morning excited to do more!

I don't think it's an overstatement to say that Wanderlust has given me back my creative life! I know all you fellow artists will understand how important and fulfilling that is. I've also had the chance to try all sorts of materials and mediums that I'd never used before - so much fun!

-Kathryn Annis

''Wanderlust raised the import of my art practice"

Before Wanderlust, I was becoming stagnant when it came to inspiration. Wanderlust lessons offered new techniques which helped get my creative juices flowing to come up with my own diverse ways of using my art supplies.

Wanderlust raised the import of my art practice. Even though I consider myself a professional artist and teacher, I tended to relegate my private studio time to the bottom of my "to-do" list. Now I realize that it's important to prioritize my creative time.

There's no question that Wanderlust has had a positive impact on my art practice. I spend more time, more enjoyable time, more productive time in my studio than before.

-Nancy M. Grigsby

''Wanderlust is not an option. It is a must!"

This is my 4th year doing Wanderlust. When I first started, I was enthralled with the various techniques and art supply lessons. I love the topical format. Doing Wanderlust is the highlight of my week.

I do the lesson weekly - it is such a lovely way to end the week - and start the week! It brings me a lot of joy.

I am a business brained individual and gently struggle with ideas and execution - but I persist! No matter the outcome. Kasia is the main person that has instilled in me - just go with the flow - enjoying the art is keyShe is a breath of fresh air, has been fo r 4 years, and will continue to be to me. 

Wanderlust is not an option. It is a must!

-Renee Whitener

''Wanderlust has brought me peace and happiness during the hardest days of my career"

I was an art major in college 30 years ago. I decided to stop painting and went to nursing school. I have had a very successful and good nursing career but missed having a creative outlet. Just prior to COVID I decided I was going to start painting again. It was a form of relaxation. I looked forward to sitting in my little studio. Little did I know it would save my life.

COVID was a nightmare. I manage long term care facilities for developmentally disabled adults. I came home crying and scared every day. I was depressed and overwhelmed. My little art studio was the only thing I looked forward to. I would pull out my favorite colors ( pink, green, and purple) and I would feel peaceful. I never knew what I was going to paint. I made lots of mud. I loved my colors but did not understand color theory, did not have an understanding of my supplies or knowledge or technique. That is when I found a link to Wanderlust 2022...

I love Wanderlust. I looked forward to my Wanderlust link every week. I plan my evening. I wait for everyone to go to bed. I make myself tea and I have my favorite cookies. I curl up on my couch and watch the weekly videos. I have enjoyed every single video. I have been so grateful to have this distraction and new fun project every week. I have learned so much. It has given me so many tools and ideas.

Wanderlust has brought me peace and happiness during the hardest days of my career. I will forever be grateful for the joy that this project has brought me. I never could of imagined that a weekly video would be so important and life-changing. Wanderlust has been an amazing experience.

-Nurse Sarah

''Wanderlust has helped me considerably in the
transition from working to retirement"

Before joining Wanderlust 2022, my art practice was on the shelf. I stopped my creative pursuits years ago to concentrate on my career. When I finally retired as the U.S. chief compliance officer at the end of March 2021, there were three things I was looking forward to... artwork, gardening and genealogy. So far, art has won all of the extra time I've had!

Weekly Wanderlust play-dates with my sister, Cathy Duttry, are the best thing ever for my creativity, peace of mind, and increasing our time together! As soon as the videos are released each week, we watch them separately, text a bit about them and make plans to start working. We FaceTime and work literally all day, chatting and just creating quietly too.... it's wonderful and restorative.

Wanderlust has helped me considerably in the transition from working to retirement. It has definitely helped me get back into the practice of art and looking at the world from a creative perspective. It is improving my confidence in sharing my work and teaching me to put my perfectionism on the back burner. The group is supportive, creative and absolutely wonderful. This is an amazing amount of benefit from one course!

-Diane Legere

''A transformation... to a more courageous woman with authentic self-expression."

Before Wanderlust I bought some classes from different artists and had fun trying different styles. But there were only isolated ones that really excited me and I was looking for more like-minded people and how I could develop my own style.

So I joined Waderlust. Now I am very excited about how much I learned about colours and techniques. What makes me even happier is my inner development to more courage.

I decide more and more often whether I do lessons exactly as the teachers do, or whether I take them as an inspiration and do my own thing. A transformation from a good girl who follows all the rules to a more courageous woman with authentic self-expression. Yay!

I also really appreciate the loving community and sharing in the Adventurers Circle and on Instagram. The connection with like-minded people and the appreciative support do me good. I now feel more confident and better equipped to find my own unique style.

-Katja Waack

''I was able to watch artists from all over the world that introduced me to different techniques"

I started dabbling in Art Journaling back in 2010/2011. I would watch a few artists but never quite got the same results as their journals. I was just having fun but not really knowing what I was doing. Then, one of the artists that I follow shared a link to join the 2020 Wanderlust course. I trusted this artist and decided to give it a try.

Since joining Wanderlust, I do each lesson to the best of my ability. When in 2020 the world went on shut down and everything seemed to go virtual, I embraced it as I was able to watch artists from all over the world that introduced me to different techniques, which were so much fun to learn. I believe that this was my silver lining to the pandemic, and how I got through it.

2022 is my 3rd year. When I look back to my journals from 2020 and 2021, I see so much growth and improvement. Before I was just slapping on two colors and calling it a day. Now I am layering and layering and layering some more. 2022 has been remarkable due to the way the course is being laid out, learning the aspects of different mediums and paints. 

-Alice Molter

''Wanderlust has given me back the pursuit of creating... it's ignited the spark in me to paint again"

I was a working painter in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Selling in art shows, shops and at fairs. I got burned out on the grind of painting for other people and having to set up shop every other weekend. So I stopped. I didn’t paint again for years. Then in 2005 I found a group of people that did mixed media and book making. I started to play with those mediums and had so much fun. Slowly I began to enjoy the art process again but I never just painted for the sake of “just doing it “. There always was a project we were working on that drove my art time.

Wanderlust has given me back the pursuit of creating, introducing me to mediums and techniques that I either hadn’t touched in years or never tried before. It's ignited the spark in me to paint again. I am always excited to see what each Friday will bring.

-Lori Nowak

''Wanderlust has taken fear and reluctance
out of the equation!"

Before joining Wanderlust 2022 I had a cabinet full of supplies that I had purchased for other online classes. I used them as directed for a lesson, but was unsure of how to use them on my own.

Wanderlust has taken fear and reluctance out of the equation!! The way the course is structured by each medium, with detailed explanations of the use of the products and the results to expect, has been invaluable to me. I no longer have unused supplies, and I have a growing art journal that I enjoy.

-Sherry Hoffman

''I have never created so much art as I have in 2022! It's been a game changer for me"

Before Wanderlust, I didn't have a regular sketchbook practice in place. And I often felt the lack of social connection to other artists with whom I could share and get feedback.

I have never created so much art as I have in 2022! It's been a game changer for me and provided a huge growth spurt in my pursuit as a serious artist. I'm beginning to sprout the wings I need to launch into my next phase of wanting to sell my pieces and teach others about all the passion that art can bring to a life. I do believe the community of the Wanderlust Creatives has allowed me to share my passion and learn from others about significant ways to transform difficult personal issues through the power of art practice.

-Anne Montgomery

''Wanderlust improved my motivation to enter the studio...
I am happier in my life because of it"

Before joining Wanderlust, I approached my art practice with much reluctance. I rarely entered my studio, certainly not on a daily basis. I had the supplies and the space to work and the time, just not the motivation.

Wanderlust improved my motivation to enter the studio for sure. I now keep a journal at the ready and everything with in reach that might get realized in my journal.

The course has benefited me in the realization that I don’t have to be in any kind of mood to create. I can just put a mark in the open page of the journal regardless of if it is actually making something or not. I now enter my studio on a daily basis because I don’t have to prepare or set up I can just sit down and make a mark, any mark with paint, marker, crayon, paste. I have also made the desk I work at a sacred space. I am happier in my life because of it, less anxious, less moody.

-Geri Brettmann

''A perfect way to get in the art-groove"

It was reading The Artist’s Way and writing my morning pages that made it so easy to decide to join Wanderlust 2022. A perfect way to get in the art-groove. And how I love it! Since April I also have my own art-space in my home. Not big but I looooove it :) All my supplies for the grabbing and even if it’s just 5 minutes .. I can go there and create, yay!!

I love Wanderlust for giving me inspiration, getting me in the art-groove, teaching me sooo much and the wonderful community of adventurers!

-Barbara Kooijman

''In the past I considered myself "creative" but not "artistic". Now I feel comfortable calling myself an artist."

Before Wanderlust I was mainly creating projects using scrapbooking products. I wanted to add something more to my projects but wasn’t sure how to do that.

Wanderlust 2022 has definitely improved my art practice! I have learned about supplies and techniques and how to use and apply them. In the past I considered myself “creative” but not “artistic”. Now I feel comfortable calling myself an artist.

I try all the Wanderlust lessons, even when they are outside my comfort zone. I feel comfortable adding my own ideas to the lessons and always take something from every lesson that I can use in my art practice.

-Kathy Lovett

''Without Wanderlust there are some things I would
never have tried but now I really love"

Before joining Wanderlust I didn't know how I could find my own style.

The lessons on Wanderlust are perfect for that as they provide a prompt and some techniques but the colours or the way you interpret the prompt is up to you. I am certainly on the way to discovering my own style and the materials I prefer to use. 

Wanderlust has increased my techniques and knowledge of different art materials. I find the lessons I am not initially so keen on give me the most out of it and I find things that I didn't even know I liked. It all helps in developing my own style. I really enjoy filling up a journal with all different types of pages and working out which colour combinations I like and what materials I like to use. Without Wanderlust there are some things I would never have tried but now I really love. One thing in particular is the gelli plate, I didn't think I needed one - I was wrong. I love it.

-Kirsten de Friend

''Now that I'm getting new art projects each Friday, I have a gentle reminder that this is for you."

Before Wanderlust, I didn't really make time for me to create, guilt free. I had no set schedule just for myself. I wasn't a priority.

Now that I'm getting new art projects each Friday, I have a gentle reminder that this is for you. I'm reminded that I committed to creating art every single week. I don't finish each project right away, but I get to it-no excuses! I'm a little behind, but that's ok too, so is the laundry.

I'm trying new products, learning new techniques (Hello Gelli Plate), and listening to my own voice. Trusting what looks good to me is ok, I don't have to follow the teacher exactly to create something pretty or crazy or downright gorgeous.

-Peggy Freedman

''I've learned so much about tools, techniques, materials, and supplies"

I started making art in 2019 and I didn’t even know what gesso was! I’ve been picking up tips and tricks here and there but I feel like my education really took off with Wanderlust - I’ve learned so much about tools, techniques, materials, and supplies. It has also stretched me by trying new styles and subjects, many of which have become part of “my” way of making art now! I also love knowing that there is a new lesson each week to keep me on my toes.

-Jacqueline Manni

''I now realize that "realistic" art
is not the only kind of "good" art"

Before Wanderlust I felt like I had to create realistic art in order to call myself an artist. What a lot of pressure that puts on a person to create "good" art.

This changed once I joined the course. I have learned so much from the Wanderlust lessons. I had dabbled in mixed media before by taking a few classes at my local art supply store and knew I liked it, but I think having the weekly lessons has really been key to practicing and growing by learning so many different styles from the different instructors. Being able to sit down and focus on a fun art lesson has been great therapy. When you focus on art, you can set aside all the "stuff" that weighs you down. Lastly, I now realize that "realistic" art is not the only kind of "good" art.

-Diane Mosher

''The course has benefited my life in many ways...
I have gained confidence and learned so much"

I joined Wanderlust in 2019. Before that I was mostly doing scrapbooking.

Wanderlust has definitely improved my art skills and practice, not to mention increasing my art supplies! The course has benefited my life in many ways. I have connected with other people worldwide, and even formed a sub art group with two other people who don’t live anywhere near me. I have gained confidence and learned so much, both technical skills and psychological mindframe. For example my motto this year is “good enough “.

-Leigh Banuelos

''Wanderlust has become

the highlight of my week!''

Wanderlust introduced me to art journaling. Prior to that I had little appreciation for how therapeutic just being in the moment during the PROCESS of art really was. It is my meditation, my 'mindfulness' practice. The end product is secondary. But somehow when one is more focused on just making art, it is amazing how much easier it is to end up with a piece you are happy with!

When I signed up, I had no idea how much I would look forward to the upcoming lesson each week! I usually watched it within a few hours of it being released. I then tinkered away at completing the lesson each evening for the following few days.

Wanderlust has become the highlight of my week!

I now focus on my art practice much more regularly, thanks to the structure of the weekly lessons. The varied assignments have pushed me outside comfort zones to try new materials and new techniques. The Wanderlust group is also wonderful; they are the source of so much encouragement and inspiration.

-Robyn Altmiks

''Seeing beautiful works and keeping art part
of my life has become part of the routine"

Though I've been art journaling and creating for years, art has been a struggle for me since my mother passed away from a quickly growing cancer in the first year of the pandemic. Though art brings me great peace, I struggled with inspiration, making, or even getting to the table.

During wanderlust 2022 I've found a lot of comfort in having a weekly lesson available to me, something I can be inspired by or copy closely if I wish. I started the year doing each lesson the weekend after it was released but eventually fell behind (and that's ok!) When I have the time I sit down and pick up where I left off, without pressure or worrying about when or how I get to it.

Aside from the inspiration of the lessons, I have really enjoyed the other adventurers sharing in the adventurer's circle. Seeing beautiful works and keeping art part of my life has become part of the routine. I create a little more outside of the course as well, but I love having the prompts and ideas available for when I just want to sit down and do something.

-Tiffany d'Eon

"My art practice has dramatically grown!"

My art practice prior to Wanderlust 2020 was very confined. It consisted largely of working with a limited number of techniques. My art practice lacked inspiration and raw emotion.

I followed the schedule as closely as possible and after just a few weeks, began to slow down and thoroughly embrace each step of the process. 

My art practice has dramatically grown! From faces to houses to mark making and so much more, my art has been stretched to try what I thought was not in my reach. More importantly, so many of the Wanderlust lessons have been therapeutic: reliving memories and documenting them; telling stories of loved ones; and embracing healing as it has come to me through the class. My art problem has been solved in addition to my hurting heart problem through these lessons.

-Sue Johnson

''I am developing a sense of confidence and a
sense of my own artistic style''

I have sought inspiration from several online as well as in-person classes but I have tended to recreate what the instructor has done.

Wanderlust has improved my art practice in that it has provided me a continual, comfortable pace for enjoying my practice and to refocus my attention on my journal each week.

Also, it has provided me with so many wonderful options for fulfilling each lesson - and the lessons themselves are marvelously varied. I like that we are encouraged to interpret the lessons in our own ways, rather than being "told" exactly how to do them. As a result I am developing a sense of confidence and a sense of my own artistic style.

-Carol Kellogg

''Wanderlust has brought me back
full circle to who I am. An artist, and
a creative, joyful person!''

My daily art journaling practice prior to Wanderlust had faded away to nothing. In my home life there was no playing allowed until all chores and homework were done. Wanderlust helped me change my attitude. 

Wanderlust does wonders to keep me focused on my art. It also has done wonders for my anxiety about taking the time to do art and reinforced that it's “ok” to just have fun. Now I am usually on “pins and needles” waiting until the new video lesson comes out every Friday. 

When I am working on a lesson I just become so relaxed and in the moment that time just fades away. I’ll bring a full hot cup of coffee down with me, and discover later that I haven’t even sipped it and it's stone cold! Wanderlust keeps me on my artistic toes, and has helped me to regain the artist/illustrator that got lost for a while in life’s hustle and bustle of kids and career. She’s out now and has begun not only to create more art, but to rekindle the desire to share my art with others in all ways. Wanderlust has definitely helped me to improve my art practice by motivating me weekly to listen and observe what new artist/instructors teach, and explore their methods and ideas.

And wow, it has really benefitted my life. Wanderlust has brought me back full circle to who I am. An artist, and a creative joyful person! Thanks so much! 

- Rolinda LeMay

''It is very powerful for me... I finally feel like I know what my purpose is for my life''

Before Wanderlust, Art was pretty much non existent for me. I was crafty, I enjoyed making things like cards or soaps, something easy. I never had the confidence to think I could go beyond that. Self doubt was a huge driving force that kept me stuck. I stayed in my own way for a very long time.

I promised myself that if I was going to pay for a year of Wanderlust, then I was going to at least try every lesson, no matter what the outcome would be. And that’s when it all changed! I was learning, growing and trying things that I had never attempted before! Art helps me focus, think better, and release feelings. On days that I can’t do any art, my whole day is off. Making art has filled a piece of me, like a puzzle piece.

Instead of being too afraid to mess it up or fail, I just go for it! I’m all in! Whether it turns out fantastic or a huge flop, that’s ok, feeling free enough to go for it is very powerful for me. And that has affected other areas in my life - I’m more confident, open, and finally feel like I know what my purpose is for my life. Art has given me a voice. Something that I didn’t think was possible for me. Life will just continue to get better and better!

-Heather Lynn

''Wanderlust has given me an art family... my old problem of procrastination and what to do with a blank page has been replaced with action''

Prior to joining Wanderlust, my biggest problem was facing a blank canvas or paper. Surrounded by a good amount of delicious colored paints and supplies, I would sit for what felt like hours with indecisiveness and worry. What to paint? Where to begin? Days would pass as I would procrastinate my first move. My inner voice told me that it’s all about the process, not the end-product. But I’d get stuck.

Wanderlust has given me an art family. Kasia, Jamie and the Wanderlust community provide a safe and supportive place for artists, no matter the level. I have only to look at my journal thus far to get a boost of confidence and excitement. My old problem of procrastination and what to do with a blank page has been replaced with action. I have more confidence in my explorations and am more disciplined in my art.

-Donna Piken

''Every week I grow more and
more in my creative journey''

In December 2019 my good friend told me about this journey she is going on called Wanderlust 2020. She sent me the details and said I will really enjoy this international art journaling course. At first glance I thought; gosh, this is very expensive for a course! (Until I read that this is a whole year of weekly lessons with 27 international teachers). Needless to say, I bent my credit card a little more and registered!

We are in week 29 as I write this, and I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this journey. It has given me purpose through our national lockdown –a way to escape from reality. I have been more creative than ever and every week I grow more and more in my creative journey. Even my friends tell me how my pages have improved since joining Wanderlust. I have grown personally as well. My journal pages are a true reflection of my emotions and I can really pour my passion out into my weekly pages. As the weeks went past, I discovered my own personal style –although using the new techniques of the teachers. I have used various mediums which I would never have used on my own –and liked them so much that it is my new way of art! Jamie and Kasia have been an amazing source of inspiration to me. This journey has encouraged me to make more personal and meaningful art. I want to end with a quote from Thomas Merton which I find very fitting for how the Wanderlust journey has affected me: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

-Teresa Wessels

''Self doubt is being pushed to the background!''

Although I enjoyed art journaling before Wanderlust, I was full of self doubt as to whether I was really expressing on paper what I WANTED to do. I was stuck in a rut... I now look forward to each new lesson as I know it provides the variety & stimulus I do enjoy. Self doubt is being pushed to the background! The fact that I communicate with a Wanderlust friend each week on WhatsApp where we share our successes/failures is a huge bonus . I also find the Facebook group a great place for inspiration.

-Jen Langdon

''Wanderlust has been deeply transformative
for me and my art practice''

Before I joined Wanderlust, I felt like a kid standing outside a closed toy store with all these brightly colored and inviting treasures beckoning to me behind the locked doors. I knew there were many more tools and techniques available to me in my art practice but I just didn't know where to start.

Wanderlust has been deeply transformative for me and my art practice. What I've received in return for that initial commitment last December has wildly exceeded my expectations. It absolutely solved my initial problem - I have a studio overflowing with supplies that aren't just collecting dust in a drawer but instead are being actively used, week after week. I can look back at my early journal entries and see how I've become more confident in my work and more complex in my techniques. The teachers have been extraordinary in their range of styles and inspiration and I've appreciated the chance to catch a glimpse into how they live and work as artists.

-Beth Fields

''Now I practice art every day... that feeling, I don't call it fear anymore. I call it thrill''

Before joining Wanderlust 19 (this is my second year), even having a BA degree and really caring about art, I could not support a steady artistic activity. I procrastinated; I was not confident about my creativity and capacity. I just couldn't sit on my desk to do the work. I was stuck for years. I bought many books about procrastination and creativity but no use.

At the beginning I thought it would be tough because of my paralysis and because I had no idea about mixed media. I was wrong! At the beginning I followed the class instructions very closely. I felt so insecure that I decided that this was the best for me. Baby steps. Every week I did my homework. Without noticing I was developing a habit. After a while, I craved more. So I subscribed to all the short courses that Kasia offered. With time, I felt the need to follow my own intuition and do the class in my own way. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. But I started to enjoy the creative process.

Now I practice art every day. I have hundreds of sheets, pages, canvases. I understood that the artistic voice takes years to develop and the process of discovering it is what makes us feel so alive when we are artists. By the way, I can call myself an artist without feeling shame. I am proud of myself and my family and friends too. I am planning now to do a series to make an exhibition, as now I love sharing my work, another thing that Wanderlust gave to me with its extremely supportive group of people that now are my friends. To be honest, I always feel a little scared when I am starting a new work. But that feeling, I don't call it fear anymore. I call it thrill.

-Susi Garon

''The word that I would use to sum up
Wanderlust for me is JOY.''

I first joined Wanderlust in 2016, where my biggest challenge was finding/making time to create art. By 2020, I had found joy in creating art. I wanted to develop depth of value and contrast in my abstract work and to be able to tell stories with my art.

Since the beginning, Wanderlust has improved my art practice by inspiring me to do just that, to PRACTICE. More importantly, is Kasia Avery's approach to teaching and the Wanderlust community. Here I can virtually talk to people who understand the process of making art and how it can bring such joy. The community is positive, encouraging, and supportive. Wanderlust is different each year as Kasia is sensitive to what her adventurers want to know and where she sees there is a need.

I am still working on finding my own artistic voice and feeling confident about the stories I have to tell. Wanderlust offers exposure to the widest variety of teachers offered in any course I have seen, which helps me to try on new wings to see what aspects of their processes could help me to tell my stories in my own way. I noticed that the subjects that I choose that are the closest to my heart are the ones that yield the work of which I am most proud.

I have not felt this artistically alive since I was in college, and it brings me pure, unadulterated joy. All of it, from the challenges I sometimes feel to the Aha moments. That is the word that I would use to sum up Wanderlust for me. JOY.

-Deborah Standifer 

I joined the very first year and keep coming back!

I really enjoy the variety of teachers and the tricks and techniques they bring to the classes. It's a highlight of my week. There is always something new to be found and a few techniques stay with me and I use them in my work. Kasia is helping me loosen up!

Art is a part of my everyday life. Wanderlust is a jumping off point. Some lessons I do more than once. I really enjoy Jamie's videos as they have invaluable technical info. I plan to be back for 2021!

-Kathleen Thompson

''I found myself, my voice and

my joy in art again''

As a mother and a woman I find it far too easy to always put the needs of others before my own. I did not make time for my art and the self-reflection that comes with it. I made art after the children were put to bed if I wasn't too tired (which was frequently the case.)

The course has had a huge impact on my life. I started the course searching for inspiration but what I found was so much more, I found myself, my voice and my joy in art again. This course has made me make time for myself and my own interests, my art, every week. My whole family has benefited from this, because when I feel happy and content, I have so much more patience for the small problems that often occur in a family with young children. There is something to the saying I once heard from an old Irish man: "Happy wife, happy life", he said.

-Erika Eriksson

''I feel a bit like the butterfly
emerging from its chrysalis''

Before joining Wanderlust my art was very constrained. Everything I did was very concise and over-thought. I knew I wanted to silence my inner critic who roared at me with every attempt. I knew I wanted to be much more free and joyful with my art, but my fear of making a mistake held me back.

2019 was the year I joined Wanderlust. In 2020 I have really broken free. I do something daily. At Kasia's advice I keep a "junk journal" just for me and I actually really like some of the things I have created in it. No restraints, no real purpose just play. What is wonderful is when I'm making art my mind clears and I loose all sense of time and place. It is my solace.

Oh my, Wanderlust has really changed my life in such a wonderful way. I feel a bit like the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. My work has become much more intuitive and free. My inner critic has been banished. Sure, I don't love everything I do but I don't stress about it. And I really feel that I deserve the title "artist".

-Cathy Lord

''Wanderlust ended up being the best
thing I could have done for myself''

Before Wanderlust, my art practice was very limited. I wanted to do more, but didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to take chances. I loved the discipline of following the schedule - it works for me and helped me feel bonded to my fellow Wanderlusters. I’ve learned so much and have loved being involved with such a supportive group of people. I signed up for the class just before we decided to change our lives and move 1000 miles. Had I known the move was coming up I’d have never signed up for the course, but it ended up being the best thing I could have done for myself. The weekly lesson was a touchstone for me and was very grounding. Moving is stressful and traumatic - art helped!

-Mary Beth Stevens

''Being creative is so rewarding... 
I am so much more in the moment''

I joined the very first year of Wanderlust because I was bored with scrapbooking. I was looking for a way to make my pages more creative, interesting, and meaningful. With Wanderlust I have learned so much about colors, composition, styles, mediums, texture... and it has taught me about myself and how I can survive and thrive in my daily life.

Wanderlust has taught me how to start - this for me now involves journaling, starting an art study, looking through my collection of “stuff” for inspiration, working small, or starting with something I have never used before.

It's taught me less is more - I am easily overwhelmed with too many art supplies and ideas.

Lessons on limitation are so helpful. I now have a box with limited supplies which I change out every month. It's taught me to be kind to myself, and that being creative is so rewarding - It is hard for me to push myself to do something different and art helps me enormously with that in my personal life. I pay attention now and look at nature and see triangles, circles and lines, patterns, movement, and color and word combinations that I like. I am so much more in the moment. It's taught me perfection is overrated, and art can help me let go and feel calmer.

Most people I know don’t understand making art,and think it is a huge waste of time. I am so happy to be part of a community that respectfully disagrees. 

-Karen Boudreau

"The simplicy and ease of the Wanderlust workshop has brought art back into my life."

For so long, I was unable to commit to creating and often felt too drained at the end of the day to try to create. I also put a lot of pressure to create masterpieces and beautiful works of art. Sometimes, the stress of starting and the high expectations regarding the outcome are enough for me to say, 'No way! I'm not making art today!'

However, the simplicy and ease of the Wanderlust workshop has brought art back into my life. The lessons are simple to follow and fit into my busy schedule. I love having an art journal that allows me to visit it when I can (like an old friend.) I also love not worrying about the end result. Unless I choose to share my work, art journaling is entirely for me!

Wanderlust 2019 has been the perfect personal challenge for me. Each week, I look forward to the prompts as a way to creatively express myself. When I'm in my studio - surrounded by my art supplies and guided by a wanderlust video, I feel happy and complete! I can learn a new technique from an artist, make a beautiful work of art and have fun without even having to leave the comfort of my home! Art journaling is therapeutic too. Often when I'm journaling I forget my daily stress and expectations. In our chaotic, time demanding world, it's nice to give in, let loose and as Kasia reminds us, 'trust the process'.

While most of my yearly challenges end with December 31st, I'm certain that the Wanderlust Art Journaling is in my life to stay! 

-Christine Karam

"I have learned to look at everything
in my life in a creative way."

I am feeling blessed & thankful that I found Wanderlust !!!

I participated in 2018 and 2019 also. I love that I am learning new techniques and using the many art supplies I have collected over the years! I also really enjoy the camaraderie of the other students - I feel like I have made some artsy friends that I follow on FB and IG - I enjoy seeing what others share and how they interpret your classes.

Most of all, I think that by following the lessons, I have learned to look at everything in my life in a creative way - take pleasure in what I see when I am driving around during the day, get inspiration from what I see or what people say, take my time and enjoy the process (whether it is in creating art or living life), and do what really matters to me.

-Catherine Lenoci

''Oh my gosh. I have learned so much from this course. It has more than paid for itself''

Before joining Wanderlust, I felt my art work/journaling lacked something. I didn't know what as I never had an art class in my life or understood color theory. So I would put 1-2 colors down and use stencils but it just didn't sing. I was getting frustrated and didn't know how to finish a page.

Oh my gosh. I have learned so much from this course. It has more than paid for itself. I learned new techniques, I have learned to love "white space", I have learned how to create a pleasing page, I have learned things about different products such as pastels. It has also kept my mind off the negativity going on in the world right now. From Covid-19 to the protests. I didn't know it at the time I signed up for the course how much this course would help me from the trials of our new normal.

-Alice Molter (2020)

''I love the variety... it has
given me so much JOY!''

The thing that I enjoy the most about Wanderlust is that each week we hear from a new teacher and there always seems like there is something new for me to consider or learn. I love the variety. This course has totally been a tremendous benefit in that it has given me so much JOY! How invaluable is that?!

-Monique Cronk

''Without Wanderlust I wouldn't have an art practice... I've felt a shift this year to being more of an ''artist'' and not just a dabbler''

My art practice started to form in Wanderlust 2019, but I knew it wasn't near complete! So I joined 2020 and have been thrilled with the format this year - not only the wonderful lessons but Jamie's Art Boxes have been extremely helpful. The technical expertise he brings is filling in so many gaps.

I started with a weekly practice this year but have gotten into a daily practice now! I feel that something is missing if I don't do something, even if it's just small. Without Wanderlust I wouldn't have an art practice. The different techniques, styles and supplies that the variety of instructors bring is fabulous. I've felt a shift this year to being more of an "artist" and not just a dabbler. I generally join whatever an instructor offers and have benefited from those connections and have even made friends!

-Geneen Granger

''I now have the courage to express my
emotions on paper and not be bothered by what anyone else thinks''

Wanderlust has been a positive force reminding me to always make time for my art. Through the teachings I have developed as an artist. I now have the courage to express my emotions on paper and not be bothered by what anyone else thinks. It’s my work and not a facsimile of anyone else’s. I’ve learned to embrace mishaps as an opportunity to work with. 

So many artists have talked me through each Friday with gentle encouragement, allowing me to try new techniques. I have never had so much fun with my art!

This course has given me peace, courage and strength to believe in myself again. It has affected my life by opening my eyes and emotions to see patterns in nature, to really see colour. I’m looking forward to Wanderlust 2020. 

P.s I’m 58, so age shouldn’t stop anyone signing up for the course! You are never too old to learn new things.

-Lisa Fishbourne

"I enjoy and profit from every video: they are useful, or inspiring, or encouraging, or
interesting, or, most often, all of the above"

I joined Wanderlust for the first time in 2019. 

Almost immediately, I found myself eagerly anticipating Friday and the latest lesson. The program is amazing value: just divide the cost by 48 to get the price of a single hour packed full of inspiration and information! And, this totally ignores the additional benefits of a large artist community sharing work products and experiences (which I totally wish I had more time for!), plus periodic “extras” that Kasia and Jamie throw in through the year. 

I enjoy and profit from every video: they are useful, or inspiring, or encouraging, or interesting, or, most often, all of the above. The quality is excellent as each instructor has put an amazing amount of work, effort and detail into their lesson. They really delve into “why” they are doing various techniques or taking different approaches. They take extra care to help us translate every lesson into our own art. 

I started mixed media art about 4-5 years ago, moving on from scrapbooking and trying all sorts of things in search of what “I” wanted to do. This year, with the help of Wanderlust, I have finally narrowed my scope and I’m very excited about the artist books I am now creating. 

For me, this has made the difference in focusing my art and having an exciting direction for my work.

-Karen Hall

''For me, Wanderlust 2019 was heaven
sent, a gift from the gods''

When I came across Wanderlust 2019, I instinctively knew it was what I needed... a community, a network of other artists sharing their talents and techniques. Kasia and Jamie's charming characters were so warm and inviting. For me there was no deliberation and I clicked the enroll button and committed.

From the very start, In just a short time, I began to receive the embellishments I was craving in each weekly lesson. I began to feel that I was part of a very unique community of soulful artists and no matter what level the teacher might be in her professional artistic life, she had something wonderful to share, a new twist on an old skill, a new technique, an invitation to step outside the box and try something entirely new. But no matter how far outside the box the lesson would invite us, whatever skill was being taught could be incorporated into a future mixed-media project.

I've experienced a range of other online art programs, but I'm pretty certain that Wanderlust provides the most broad range of teachers and a comprehensive exploration of different 4-week themes, enough to keep even the most hungry artist satisfied and focused. For me, Wanderlust 2019 was heaven sent, a gift from the gods, however you want to say it... and I'm so very grateful to Kasia and Jamie Avery for organizing these in-depth and artistically adept adventures every year for us! 

-Kisma Reidling

''Folks are so generous and encouraging - it feels like an extended group of friends!''

I am so glad I found Wanderlust! It’s really propelled me and my art (it’s a huge step that I can even feel comfortable calling what I do “art”!). I have loved the wide variety of teachers and lessons. All of the instructors have been a true pleasure to watch and learn from. I’ve also loved having a theme for each month, and I love the cadence of having a new lesson each week. Weekly lessons are just the right pace to keep me motivated and interested without being overwhelmed. I don’t necessarily “keep up”, but I feel totally comfortable going at my own pace and in my own order.

It’s also been wonderful having such a warm community. I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of the members through their art and their comments, and folks are so generous and encouraging – it feels like an extended group of friends! As a result of being part of Wanderlust, I’ve learned many new techniques, been inspired in new ways, and am really proud of what I’ve created.  

Thank you for putting so much care and attention to making this such a fun and fulfilling program! I can’t wait to do it again next year!

-Cindy Balbuena

''When I go outside of my comfort zone, even when I don't want to, I always end up learning something about art and myself''

My biggest art related problem is originality. I have a hard time coming up with ideas that are my own even if there are guidelines presented to me. I struggle to find my own voice and can over-complicate things. I’m also a perfectionist!

I follow the Wanderlust schedule as it keeps me on track and focused. It’s easy to plan around (or should I say my life is planned around Wanderlust!) Yay for Fridays; it’s a perfect way to end the work week and start a new lesson! Even if I’m tired, art always gives me energy!

The gentle guidance that I receive from the instructors, the incredible videos and pdf prompts mean that I can follow my heart and incorporate spontaneity. I am always asking myself how I can make this my own. When I go outside of my comfort zone, even when I don’t want to, I always end up learning something about art and myself. When I push through the “ugly” stages and find support within the group I end up feeling brave and courageous. I cannot go a day without art because it makes me feel great. This course has allowed me to loosen the reigns and “go with the flow”. I’m definitely less of a perfectionist and I have a saying… ’done is better than perfect’.

-Julie Bishop (2020)

''I love how much variety there is and that each 
instructor sparks a new nugget of inspiration''

My art practice before joining Wanderand lust 2020 was pretty sporadic. My biggest art-related problem was knowing what to create. I would sit down and be intimidated by the white page in front of me. Often I would get frustrated and end up creating nothing.

I worked through Wanderlust at my own pace. I love that I have life long access to the course so that I can work at my own pace and not worry about losing access. Some lessons resonate with me more than others so I give myself permission to jump around and come back to lessons that I have not completed. I tend to work a few times a week on my art practice.

Wanderlust has helped improve my art practice. I no longer stare at the blank page and not know what to create. Every week I have a new inspiring lesson from an instructor to help get me creating on the page. I love how much variety there is and that each instructor sparks a new nugget of inspiration.


'' I have found solace, distraction
and fun with the art''

I was enjoying the lessons and challenging myself to try projects well outside my comfort zone and then something happened that took things to another level. In June I was diagnosed with breast cancer followed by total mastectomy and I am now awaiting chemotherapy. It has been engaging in the lessons that has helped me cope with all this and will continue to do so, I am sure with what comes next.

I have found solace, distraction and fun with the art, particularly when friends and family are not available. I have one friend who is also doing the course who I had not told what I was going through as our only connection had been through meeting at an art workshop. The other day she sent me some lovely tissue papers and material she had found with the quote ‘illuminate the dark with joyful art’ I was so overwhelmed at the aptness of this I have shared what I have been through with her.

Thank you Kasia and all the wonderful teachers for helping me through this time.

-Heather Shaw

''Over the weeks, my artistic voice grew and my art has been transformed''

My New Year's intention for 2019 was to seek out other mixed media artists online to be inspired by. I did a small watercolor painting on New Year's day and wrote "Peeling back the layers", as I wanted to acquire new art language to express what was deep in my heart.

When I found Wanderlust 2019, I was amazed at all of the wonderful artists who were sharing their techniques. Over the weeks, my artistic voice grew and my art has been transformed

We each have a unique voice inside, and sometimes just watching a demo of a new technique sparks just the insight to allow that voice to sing.

-Mo Brady

''Art journaling is all about expressing myself and feeling more and more free in doing so''

One of the best things I learned in Wanderlust was that Art Journaling is all about expressing myself and feeling more and more free in doing so, instead of making pretty pages which have to meet expectations, my own and other people’s.

It was such a relief to discover that it is absolutely ok to play and have fun expressing myself and that the result of that was of much less importance. Wanderlust has lots and lots of great techniques presented by wonderful and able teachers, but they too emphasize the importance of your own way of working with the given techniques and materials. So you don’t have to buy lots of new products, once you have a basic supply.

For me Wanderlust is the best of both worlds: learning new techniques and being encouraged and supported to find my own unique way of expressing in Art Journaling. And absolutely yes am I going to join our creative journey in 2020!

With love and gratitude for all you make possible,

-Riette Dijkman

''I can just play and experiment... I feel like I'm bringing my own creativity to the table''

This is the first year of Wanderlust where I'm actually doing all of the projects. I've gone from just watching the videos to actually doing the lessons, and what a difference it's made! I'm actually making better art! And I'm finally figuring out that it's just paper and paint. I don't need to make a masterpiece or a sellable piece or be graded/judged. I can just play and experiment.

It has improved my practice a lot! I love seeing that I'm actually making art now instead of just hoarding knowledge. I'm discovering new techniques and I'm starting to see my own style starting to develop. I feel less like a fraud or just a copycat. I feel like I'm bringing my own creativity to the table.

-Jaime Shafer

''Wanderlust is ME time with NO guilt''

Before starting Wanderlust I was always scared of the blank sheet of paper in front of me. My work was too rigid, I was too critical and wary of just letting go.

I am now learning and practicing to be more free - I watch the weekly lesson ( my Friday treat ) then work a couple of days on my piece.

Wanderlust is ME time with NO guilt.

I’m often inspired to continue onto 2 and 3 more pieces following the same lesson … Wanderlust provides that initial inspiration and I’m able to continue with my art freely.

-Dominique Feeney

''I can honestly say it has changed my life, my outlook and my desire to do more art''

I have never considered myself an artist. I started painting many years ago because of a friend. I got all the supplies and books but I never had any lessons. I did ok but did not feel inspired and was always comparing myself to her work. I then did a Road Scholar trip for a week long session on watercolors for beginners and found that very intriguing. It was in the Ozark mountains and the scenery was breathtaking. So I started looking for more things online when I got home and I found Wanderlust 19!!!

I can honestly say Wanderlust has changed my life, my outlook and my desire to do more art. Mostly, I have enjoyed learning so many different techniques that I didn't know existed. The instructors have all been excellent and the group has been amazingly supportive. I have never experienced anything like this. I now look forward to being in my craft room and do not feel so intimidated by it! I am so thankful that I found Wanderlust and am looking forward to continuing my art journey.

-Marty Johnston