I bet you know that feeling...

You feel your creativity buzzing inside you, so you sit down at your desk. All around you are beautiful supplies that you’ve spent lots of money on. You know you’ve got that creative spark within you, but as soon as you are about to make the first mark you feel... intimidated.

What to paint? Where to begin?

No ideas are coming and you sit for what feels like hours with indecisiveness and worry. You get so frustrated you often end up creating nothing. 


But then one day you manage to paint something. Maybe you follow a tutorial on YouTube? You do a little layered card, a simple art journal page, a stamped tag, maybe a little mixed-media canvas

But during the process you already know that it all feels too concise and limited. Your work lacks inspiration, there’s no expression, it feels flat and boring.

You don’t think you have the confidence of going beyond that.

You don’t believe that you have any skills to become a real artist. You don’t really know how to express yourself in your art. 

Are you nodding right now? Is this your story? 

If yes, then look out for the glitter falling from the sky because magic just happened! You’re in the right place at exactly the right time.

You’ve just discovered our best-selling year-long online course in mixed-media art journaling - this is Wanderlust 2021!

(And it sounds like the two of you will be the perfect fit!)

  • No more guilt that all the supplies that you’ve collected will go to waste.
  • No more hours of thinking and looking for inspiration and ideas on Pinterest and YouTube.
  • No more boredom when it comes to creating.
  • No more shame in calling yourself an artist.
  • No more questions: “how?”, “where to start?”, “how to finish it off?”, “how to express myself?”.

Instead, we are giving you hours of freeing, honest and super joyful painting and learning. 

Join Wanderlust 2021 and follow the weekly video lessons!

Show up to discover numerous techniques, supplies and approaches and your art skills and confidence will go through the roof. Pinky promise!

Each week there will be a new project and a new idea to try out. With our Teachers’ expert guidance you’ll be lead through every step to create your own unique and personal pieces of art.

Wanderlust 2021 in a nutshell:

  • 50 video lessons released weekly, on Fridays starting from the 1st of January 2021.
  • 26 Guest Teachers (each teaching one lesson) + 2 hosts - Kasia Avery (20 lessons) and Kate Crane (6 lessons)
  • incredibly easy to use platform and help whenever you need it from our tech man Jamie.
  • printable handouts and supply lists with every lesson
  • community within the classroom and optional Facebook group (which is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!)
  • life-time access 
  • weekly encouraging emails
  • all materials are downloadable, including the videos
  • 19 bonuses already waiting for you in the classroom
  • introductory pack already waiting for you in the classroom (including beginners guide to art journaling)
  • $175 US for all of this!
  • available to join only until the end of December

We will introduce you to the most freeing form of art - art journaling using mixed-media techniques.

This course is about the joy of art process, your self-development, learning techniques, expanding horizons. Not about buying more and more supplies.

And then, just like our Wanderlust Adventurer Teresa Wessels, you’ll be able to say:

 “My journal pages are a true reflection of my emotions and I can really pour my passion out into my weekly pages!”.

Wanderlust will become

the highlight of your week!

What do you do when you get your spare time?

Do you ever get stuck on Netflix or scrolling through feeds, Pinterest boards and stores online?

Do you feel a little guilty about wasting your time and spending money on products and courses you never ever touch? 

We don’t want you to ever feel like that again!

Join Wanderlust and you’ll have a joyful and exciting new art practice habit.

You’ll have our brilliant weekly lessons, new projects and a supportive community to look forward to. You’ll be itching to go back to your desk and dive in deeper. And get a drink and snacks too, because you won’t want to leave!

2021 is the year you’ll discover your true artistic voice!

Have you ever followed a step-by-step tutorial and ended up with a result that was almost dot to dot your instructor’s project? It looks ok, but it leaves you with an unpleasant aftertaste, right?

Instead of feeling great that you’ve created something, you start feeling bad because this is not you. There are no feelings expressed, no story told, no experience shared. 

Step into the Wanderlust classroom and you’ll see a different way of following lessons. We will introduce you to our signature teaching style that encourages expressing your own personality on EACH of the pieces that you make. Our lessons are not about the teachers and products, they are about you and practical ways in which you can make every project a feast of self-expression. 

  • This is how you’ll be able to start calling yourself an artist. 
  • This is how you’ll begin the process of finding your true artistic voice
  • This is what will lead you to discover your own unique style

Our weekly (50 in total) Wanderlust video lessons from 28 Teachers will take you on that journey!

Wait! Did you read that properly?!

YES! 50 big video lessons in total.

Why only $175?

If you were to buy each of these lessons individually from the teachers it would cost you around $2500! (Even if you wanted to however you couldn't as these classes are produced exclusively for Everything Art and are not available anywhere else).

So how can we sell Wanderlust for just $175? It’s down to economies of scale, a stand alone artist may sell 50-100 classes that they produce, but Wanderlust has thousands joining every year, which enables us to offer this amazing class at a very competitive price point while also paying our fabulous teachers fairly.

The course starts in January so maybe you think you should wait before you sign up. Maybe you want to read it all again and think about it? That’s all good, but don’t wait too long - there are lots of fabulous bonuses prepared by our teachers, waiting for you in the class room right now!

If you have any questions drop us a quick email ([email protected]) and we’ll get back to you asap.

Wanderlust 2021 goes off sale on the last day of December 2020.

So don’t hesitate and join us now. We don’t know how 2021 is going to unfold, what life will throw at us and how much more anxiety we’ll have to deal with. In these stressful times all we have control of is our own wellbeing.

Right now, you can make the decision to bring your creativity and artistic voice to the table in 2021. By enrolling you can take real action and ensure that your self-care for 2021 is all sorted. 

The great bonus is that you’ll become a part of our Wanderlust family, where we support and encourage each other. The amazing sense of community is what we are missing so much right now.

Artwork by Wanderlust teachers. From top left: Kasia Avery, Renee Mueller, Kasia Avery, Franscisca Nunes, Dina Wakley, Wendy Brightbill. Find out more about teachers and see examples of their work here.

We’re on a mission to give your confidence a huge boost so you can finally start calling yourself an artist without feeling any shame. No more self-doubt and inner critic taking over.

With Wanderlust you’ll become a confident artist. 

And we know what we’re doing! Everything Art is well established in the mixed-media industry. Kasia Avery (the co-founder and Wanderlust host) has been teaching in-person and online for 9 years inspiring thousands of students along the way. Wanderlust first launched in 2016 and this will be our 6th year of creating this course. We’ve worked with over 100 Teachers from around the world. We’ve been partnering with world-renowned brands like Daler-Rowney, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Gelli Arts and more.

We know how to teach and how to create an experience that will be both beneficial and simply fun, joyful, pleasant and stress-free for our students. You can really trust us. And if you need more reasurrance, click here to see what others think of our courses.

The big thing on Wanderlust is the variety. We pay a lot of attention to building a team of teachers whose approaches and styles are diverse. You won’t be learning just one thing for the whole year.

You’ll get to try out all sorts of styles and techniques and decide what your thing is.

So you could spend $70 on average for a course from one teacher where you would be introduced to just one approach, one set of techniques and one style.


You could join Wanderlust where we give you a good variety of all flavours. Just like a brilliant crudité platter or a fancy buffet! You’ll get to try all these things that always seemed too pricey. And not just a tiny taste of each. No, on Wanderlust you can truly load your plate - and no one is going to give you weird looks! ;)

Wanderlust 2021 in a nutshell:

  • 50 video lessons released weekly, on Fridays starting from the 1st of January 2021.
  • 26 Guest Teachers (each teaching one lesson) + 2 hosts - Kasia Avery (20 lessons) and Kate Crane (6 lessons)
  • incredibly easy to use platform and help whenever you need it from our tech man Jamie.
  • printable handouts and supply lists with every lesson
  • community within the classroom and optional Facebook group (which is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!)
  • life-time access 
  • weekly encouraging emails
  • all materials are downloadable, including the videos
  • 19 bonuses already waiting for you in the classroom
  • introductory pack already waiting for you in the classroom (including beginners guide to art journaling)
  • $175 US for all of this!
  • available to join only until the end of December


When does this course start and finish?

The course starts on the 1st of January 2021, but if you sign up now there is already content available in the classroom. Simply scroll up to the Curriculum to see what's in there already.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You can also download all of the videos, so you can watch them even when you are offline.

What is your refund policy?

Once a classroom has been accessed, no refunds will be issued.

What sort of art will I be learning on this course?

Wanderlust is about mixed-media art journaling. All lessons will be done in an art journal, but can be easily translated into a canvas, a paper pad or a board. There are no dimensional projects on Wanderlust, but we tackle lots of different styles, techniques and subjects. Check this page to see examples of work that you'll be creating on this course.

Do I have to buy lots of supplies to do the course?

You will need to have some basics. Please find out more here.

Can I find out what each lesson during the year is going to be about?

Yes! Check out our printable schedule.

Are there any extra costs during the year?

Nope! This is a one-off payment and there are no extra costs that this course requires. You pay once and you get full access to all lessons released weekly.

Do you have a payment plan, can I pay in instalments?

At this moment we cannot offer instalments.

Can I use my smartphone to watch the lessons?

Yes! Our website and classrooms work very well on tablets and smartphones.

What supplies will I need?

To start your journey you’ll only need basics supplies. A list of supplies is available in the Curriculum - scroll up.

Can I buy Wanderlust as a gift?

Of course, Wanderlust makes a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. All you need to do is to email us ([email protected]) and tell us your PayPal address and who you want to purchase the course for (their email address and their name). We will send you a bill and then after you've paid we will manually add your loved-one to the classroom and let them know (whenever you want us to let them know).

I've done Wanderlust last year. Is this a repeat?

No, Wanderlust never repeats, but the level of learning stays same. We always start with lessons that are a little easier and as the year goes by we raise the level so you can progress, learn and slowly step out of your comfort zone. Every year there are new teachers, new subjects, new lessons, new techniques.