Wanderlust 2021

Teachers' Line-up

Kasia Avery - Host

Capturing the moment and sensations is everything to me - my language is art. I paint, collage and art journal to figure out my past, my present and future. I scribble, spill, tear, paint and write to let the emotions out. I ask questions and work out my answers through colour, texture, patterns and dynamic connections between contradictions. My work is a perfect reflection of my everyday reality - the colours and subjects reveal the connections that I make between my past and now.

I have taught mixed-media in-person and online since 2011 and everyday I'm grateful for this opportunity to have my dream job. I run Everything Art Ltd together with my husband Jamie.

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On Wanderlust 2021 Kasia will be teaching 18 lessons in total.

Kate Crane - Guest Host

I am a crafts tutor teaching in the UK and other parts of Europe, and love to share my passion for all things arty with others. I have contributed regularly to various magazine in the UK and USA, and have been on several design teams. I currently design for Carabelle Studio. I am a helping artist for DecoArt, and also contributing artist for Gel Press and produce FREE instructional videos every month. I have had my art published in several publications including Somerset Art Journaling, Stampers Sampler, Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio, Somerset Apprentice, and Art Specially for You (NL). 

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On Wanderlust 2021 Kate will be teaching 6 lessons in total.

Artwork below from left: K.Avery, K.Avery, K.Crane, K.Crane:

Guest Teachers

Laly Mille

Hi! I’m Laly Mille. I’m a mixed media artist living in the beautiful Loire Valley of France. I believe that art connects us to the deepest, most beautiful parts of ourselves, and that beauty and creativity have the power to change the world in magical ways. Through my online classes, I guide and inspire like-minded creatives from all over the world to shine their light

and grow their artist wings. I’m on a journey of wonder and discovery, and I’m delighted to share it with you!

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Shay Michelle

Hi, I’m Shay from Shay Michelle Studios. I’m a mixed media artist and teacher living in Tampa, Florida. I love teaching classes that help us explore how we’re feeling and build community. My students say that it is an art class for the soul. 

Shay Michelle Studios began six years ago. Since then, I have taken over a cute room in my home, where the sunlight flows in and French doors overlook a little piece of water outside. I teach in-person workshops, retreats, and online. 

Art can help soothe the soul. It can bridge gaps between people, build community, and make us brave and insightful. It’s such a fun part of my life that I love to share.

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Kristin Peterson

Kristin Peterson is a third generation artist. She is always exploring and expanding the creative depths of acrylic paint. She very much enjoys vintage collage work and mixed media. Kristin loves color and things that have a love-worn comfortable feeling - like an old favorite pair of jeans - coffee stained, patched, painted and well loved. She wants her art to project feeling and make people feel good while looking at it. Her paintings contain vibrance mixed with a little funk, which is sprinkled with discreet sensibility. Her style is meant to make you ponder and smile, just as she does as she paints and creates.

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Renee Mueller

I danced professionally and taught dance at the University of Michigan’s Musical Theater and Theater Departments. Growing up in the magical world of theater and dance I was exposed to so many gifted and talented artists. Collaborating with dancers, actors, choreographers, musicians, set, costume and lighting designers was an incredibly rich experience.

My love for theater and dance is a constant source of inspiration for my art. I hope that by sharing my techniques and creatives practices, you will find something to spark your imagination.

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Artwork below from left: Laly Mille, Shay Michelle, Kristin Peterson, Renee Mueller

Carolyn Dube

Carolyn Dube is a self taught mixed media art adventurer and educator who helps you let go and feel the freedom of play. You can find her designing stencils for StencilGirl Products, teaching in person and online workshops, her articles in magazines such as Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors, and sharing the message of O.O.P.S. through her YouTube videos and blog.

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Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw swore off Art Journaling for many years until 2013 when she suddenly had little time to make her own artwork. She started slowly, but then found great solace in her journal. Today she teaches many types of workshops, but her heart swells when sharing journal techniques. She is author of Flavor for Mixed Media and Stencil Girl, is a columnist for Somerset Studios Magazine and a Golden Artist Educator. She is the founder of StencilGirl®Products, LLC.

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Kiala Givehand

I'm Kiala and I'm a published poet, bookbinder, teacher, fountain pen collector, and radical nomad. I believe in surrounding myself with ordinary humans who live extraordinary lives, gathering with people who make me laugh & love uncontrollably, and living a life intent on cultivating happiness.

Stories connect us while also highlighting what is unique about us. I've always been a storyteller, relying on words to convey feeling, energy, and information. I use paper, color, mark making, and wordplay to create tangible versions of my stories in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. 

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Nicole Warrington

Nicole Warrington is an artist and educator on Vancouver Island on Canada’s West Coast. She works with watercolour and mixed media to create art journals and paintings. Her art is deeply inspired by her connection to the landscape and natural world. She is passionate about using her creativity as practice in mindfulness and self-care. Nicole enjoys hiking, daily yoga, and exploring the forests, mountains and beaches with her husband and two daughters. She teaches in person art workshops in her community and online classes. 

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Artwork below from left: Carolyn Dube, Mary Beth Shaw, Kiala Givehand, Nicole Warrington:

Dyan Reaveley

Mixed Media Artist Dyan Reaveley teaches and demos and is known for her creativity with layering color, images and thought-provoking collages. Dyan’s unique eclectic style comes through in her vibrant color combinations of inks and paints, using text as an insightful design element and the clever use of imagery in her artwork. She is a Ranger Signature Designer, and also owns and operates a teaching and design studio Art from the Heart in Harrogate, in the north of England. Dyan’s mission is to introduce everyone to the fabulous therapy that is art journaling and creating mixed-media art.

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My name is Marta Lapkowska (Maremi's Small Art). I was born and raised in Poland. I am currently living in Ireland and have been for the last fifteen years.

Since I can remember I have loved art and craft, playing around and experimenting. My most favourite expressions of art are journaling, mixed media and small forms of assemblage art. My biggest passion is sharing love for creating with others, encouraging and inspiring each other through videos on my YouTube channel. I am very grateful for having a chance to walk next to beginners in their creative journey. There is no better reward than seeing others spreading their wings. For the past eight years creating is my way of living - so far it's the best journey I could have imagined.

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Tiffany Smith

I am Tiffany Goff Smith, a free spirited southern gal who loves to make art. I live in the country with my husband, fur babies and chickens. We enjoy the quiet moments here in our own little sacred space among the trees. 

I come from a long line of makers and always tinkered with all kinds of art along the years. I’m a self taught artist and found my love of mixed media in a time when I needed a stress reliever. I have learned that one of my favorite things is playing with textures. I love running my hands over my creations to feel the energy of the recycled lives they now live. I hope that you enjoy the freedom and humor that you will see in my lesson. Life is too stressful - I don’t think art should be. 

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Shawn Petite

My name is Shawn Petite and I’m a mixed media artist living my dream of creating every day and my passion for art has been with me from childhood. I’ve been teaching and painting for over 30 years in many different mediums, but found my art soul mate in mixed media.

I produce my own line of stencils and create soulful and informative online workshops on mixed media. But most importantly, I try everyday to encourage and inspire. To show love with my paintbrush. To leave my little corner of the world a better place.

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Artwork below from left: Dyan Reaveley, Maremi, Tiffany Smith, Shawn Petite

Vicky Pappaioannou

Vicky Papaioannou lives in Greece, with her husband, her two kids and her cat Ginger.

For years she worked as a full time high school teacher but shared her makes through her blog and YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel has been a great success over the years with a growing number of followers and that helped her switch from a full time high school teacher into a full time independent designer and mixed media artist. She is finally doing what she loves the most, sharing her art with fellow crafters and teaching workshops around the world.

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Lynne Furrer

Lynne took her first watercolor class to learn painting techniques for her photographic art, but she fell in love with the flow of water on paper and its magical attraction to pigment. She never went back to photography. Lynne paints in a semi-abstract, expressionist style that transforms photographic representation into magic and mystery. She has a deft hand with the “loose” style in watercolor much sought after. Always in motion and evolving her practice, Lynne carries her expressionistic style to other mediums such mixed media, oil and encaustic.

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Marjie Kemper

Marjie Kemper is a mixed media artist and educator who loves working with ink and paint. She creates dimensional and colorful projects of all kinds, and works in art journals and on paper, canvas and wood. Marjie hosts The Mixed Media Art Membership Group and the Half an Hour of Art Group on Facebook, and also teaches online art classes. Marjie’s been published in numerous industry publications. She enjoys all forms of creative play and expression, and encourages everyone to experiment and not take art making too seriously. There’s always another layer in the waiting, if you need to make adjustments to your project. The key is to start!

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Mystele Kirkeeng

I began painting in 2008 as an answer to prayer after a very long season of depression. My home studio grew into a space where I could exchange the weight of depression for Something More. I work intuitively and abstract my subjects from the chaotic mixed media grounds I create. I’m inspired by my childhood, my ethnicity, my affinity for old things and the landscape of Northwest Texas where I grew up. Life with Jesus at the center, my two beautiful sons, national and global issues and simple things like a good cup of coffee get me going, too. I can’t get enough of the doing, discovering, not knowing what’s next and sharing my passion for the creative process with others.

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Artwork below from left: Vicky Pappaioannou, Lynne Furrer, Marjie Kemper, Mystele Kirkeeng:

Helen Colebrook

Is an author, online teacher, magazine contributor and product designer. She did not think of herself as creative until she found her ‘thing’ - creative journaling - and began her blog Journal with Purpose. The freedom and lack of rules made journal keeping the perfect hobby for her and creativity has now become a very important part of her everyday life, leading to a whole new career path. Helen is a published author and is also featured regularly in newspapers,magazines and podcasts. She collaborates with many stationery and craft brands, to show ideas and inspiration for how their products can be used in creative journaling.

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Tania Ahmed

I am a creative content maker, crafts tutor, and artist from the UK. My style is very eclectic and I am known for my love of patterns and bright colours inspired by my upbringing and travels. I am originally from Pakistan, and I have been crafting almost all my life, coming from a family where being creative is a way of life, not just a hobby. I have been published in several magazines, produce creative content for craft manufacturers and teach at independent stores, consumer and trade craft shows plus for local charities. I am very passionate about sharing the joy of creating, and love working with people. On my days at home you will most often find me covered in glitter, glue and paint, sharing a cup of tea with my cat.   

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Francisca Nunes

I'm Francisca Nunes, the face behind heArt makes. 

I'm a Portuguese mixed media artist and art journal crazy lover. I combine color and nature to explore intuitive expression. I'm passionate about the natural process of ecodye and ecoprint and I love to create my own wild journals and then express my soul on them. 

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Rae Missigman

Rae Missigman, mixed media artist, author and instructor is known for her vivid colors, intricate layering and signature repetitive art marks.

Rae believes that creativity can be accomplished in bite sized pieces during even the busiest days. Watercolor is her latest medium where she is bringing her unique viewpoint and love of layering to sheer color and composition.

She strongly encourages all artists to trust themselves to fearlessly do what they love.

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Artwork below from left: Helen Colebrook, Tania Ahmed, Francisca Nunes, Rae Missigman.

Gill Tomlinson

My art is fuelled by a lifelong infatuation with Greece, a love of the drawn line and a bit of an obsession for all things mixed-media. I find endless inspiration in south Peloponnese where I now live and work.

I taught a variety of courses locally for a number of years from my small home-studio. Then in 2019, my husband and I took the big step of renting a large shop in our village. We now sell my work online as well as from my lovely new studio-shop-gallery. In the summer I run workshops and tailor-made art retreats.

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Lorraine Bell

Also known as “The Wandering Artist,” Lorraine is a self-taught Mixed Media Artist who fills her days with painting, traveling, and writing. Lorraine has filled volumes of sketchbooks with her illustrations and stories bursting with her adventures on the road.

Lorraine is one of the founding members of Art to the 5th. She has made the tiny island of Grand Cayman her home for the last 30 years and on the rare occasions she is sitting still, you will find her on the beach under a coconut tree with sketchbook in one hand and paintbrush in the other. She hosts retreats for artists and teaches both online and on site and is happiest when she is sharing her art with fellow creatives.

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Wendy Brightbill

I deeply believe that you paint what you need the most in your life. I consider myself a story teller; only I use color instead of words. I believe you can create the life you want and change your story. For me that meant painting the color and joy back into my life after a car accident. It took a brain injury for me to pick up a paint brush, and I am so happy that I did. I am ever grateful for what a car accident brought into my life and this crazy beautiful journey I am on.

I LOVE to play with color. I am continually looking for inspiration everywhere.

I believe it’s important to create every day. It’s my joy, my lifeline, my therapy. I hope my art inspires joy in others, because I love what I do.

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Andrea Okeson

 Andrea Okeson is an Artist and Designer living, working, and exploring in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (USA.) Her artistic journey began in sketchbooks, thick with glued ephemera and secrets, lept off the page onto large canvases, and now happily bounces between the two substrates. She is thrilled to share her love of mixed media art-journaling and incorporating the "Rif-Raf" (receipts, concert tickets, postage) that life gifts us. 

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Artwork below from left: Gill Tomlinson, Lorraine Bell, Wendy Brightbill, Andrea Okeson:

Dina Wakley

Dina’s colorful, expressive style is anchored by her design hallmark, the creative use of white space. Her personal, organic design aesthetic strikes a balance between “artsy” and “classic”.

Dina is a mixed-media artist and teacher. She loves everything about art: creating it, thinking about it, looking at it, and teaching it. She has been scrapbooking since 1995, stamping since 1996, and art journaling since 2004. She believes in writing yourself down, expressing yourself, and making your mark on the world. She is also a Ranger Signature Designer.

Dina travels the world to teach and share her art passion with students on every continent.

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LaQuisha Hall

LaQuisha Hall began her creative journey in her early teen years. She engaged in a lot of journaling and drawing as an outlet. Being creative was an escape - an opportunity to see herself in a better place. She found that this was a therapeutic way for her to release stress and give a visual voice to her darkest secret. She is now the Confident Canvas God called her to be - a masterpiece!

Since starting her brand, Confident Canvas, LaQuisha has created, taught classes and co-authored a book to support others in finding their own creative voice. She is skilled at bible journaling, mixed media, hand lettering, journaling, drawing, painting and more! LaQuisha has worked with many creative brands, including Illustrated Faith and Erin Condren.

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Artwork below from left: Dina Wakley, LaQuisha Hall, Kasia Avery, Kasia Avery.