Wanderlust 2022

Teachers' Line-up

Kasia Avery - Host

Capturing the moment and sensations is everything to me - my language is art. I paint, collage and art journal to figure out my past, my present and future. I scribble, spill, tear, paint and write to let the emotions out. I ask questions and work out my answers through colour, texture, patterns and dynamic connections between contradictions. My work is a perfect reflection of my everyday reality - the colours and subjects reveal the connections that I make between my past and now.

I have taught mixed-media in-person and online since 2011 and everyday I'm grateful for this opportunity to have my dream job. I run Everything Art Ltd together with my husband Jamie.

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On Wanderlust 2022 Kasia will be teaching 13 lessons in total.

Laly Mille - Guest Host

Hi! I’m Laly Mille. I’m a mixed media artist living in the beautiful Loire Valley of France. I believe that art connects us to the deepest, most beautiful parts of ourselves, and that beauty and creativity have the power to change the world in magical ways. Through my online classes, I guide and inspire like-minded creatives from all over the world to shine their light

and grow their artist wings. I’m on a journey of wonder and discovery, and I’m delighted to share it with you!

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On Wanderlust 2022 Laly will be teaching 5 lessons in total.

Carolyn Dube - Guest Host

Carolyn Dube is a self taught mixed media art adventurer and educator who helps you let go and feel the freedom of play. You can find her designing stencils for StencilGirl Products, teaching in person and online workshops, her articles in magazines such as Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors, and sharing the message of O.O.P.S. through her YouTube videos and blog.

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On Wanderlust 2022 Carolyn will be teaching 5 lessons in total.

Artwork by Kasia Avery, Kasia Avery, Laly Mille & Carolyn Dube

Guest Teachers

Jeanne Oliver

Jeanne Oliver grew up in rural Illinois and now resides in Castle Rock, CO. She is inspired by our personal stories, travel, and nature.

Jeanne uses art to tell her current stories and also those of growing up among gravel roads, cornfields and early life surrounded by open spaces. Through mark making, layers and mixed media, she hopes to convey that we all have a story to tell.

She was told that she needed to find that one thing but she doesn’t like listening to directions so she embraces many loves and that has given her a sweet mash-up of family, art, and travel. Connecting with women and sharing that each of us has been creatively made is one of her passions.

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On Wanderlust 2022 Jeanne will be teaching 2 lessons in total.

Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw swore off Art Journaling for many years until 2013 when she suddenly had little time to make her own artwork. She started slowly, but then found great solace in her journal. Today she teaches many types of workshops, but her heart swells when sharing journal techniques. She is author of Flavor for Mixed Media and Stencil Girl, is a columnist for Somerset Studios Magazine and a Golden Artist Educator. She is the founder of StencilGirl®Products, LLC.

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On Wanderlust 2022 Mary Beth will be teaching 2 lessons in total.

Shay Michelle

Shay is a mixed media artist and teacher living in Tampa, Florida. She loves teaching classes that help us explore how we're feeling and build community. Her students say that it is an art class for the soul. 

Shay Michelle Studios began six years ago. Since then, she has taken over a cute room in her home, where the sunlight flows in and French doors overlook a little piece of water outside. She teaches in-person workshops, retreats, and online. 

'Art can help soothe the soul. It can bridge gaps between people, build community, and make us brave and insightful. It’s such a fun part of my life that I love to share.'

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Dyan Reaveley

Mixed Media Artist Dyan Reaveley teaches and demos and is known for her creativity with layering color, images and thought-provoking collages. Dyan’s unique eclectic style comes through in her vibrant color combinations of inks and paints, using text as an insightful design element and the clever use of imagery in her artwork. She is a Ranger Signature Designer, and also owns and operates a teaching and design studio Art from the Heart in Harrogate, in the north of England. Dyan’s mission is to introduce everyone to the fabulous therapy that is art journaling and creating mixed-media art.

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Robyn McClendon

As a Mixed Media Artist, Healer and Reiki Master Robyn helps others to shed old stories and help encourage them to be replaced by stories that are empowering and/or self directed and not be burdened by cultural mores and family histories. As an Artaeomythologist, Robyn leads Retreats and Workshops that combine the Visual Arts, Idea Generation and Book arts to help participants find their voice their story, to be able to move forward and recognize a more authentic artistic experience. 

Robyn has dedicated most of her life to seeking and sharing the answers to life's most mystical questions...who are we, where are we & why are we here?

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Kate Crane

Kate lives in the beautiful north of England UK, in a rural location with her lovely family and various small pets. She has always been creative but discovered mixed media in 2008 and her passion for messy, colourful, expressive art continues to this day. Kate has appeared in several years of Wanderlust, including as Guest Host in 2021. Kate currently designs stamps, stencils and art printing plates for Carabelle Studios, and teaches in person (when the pandemic allows!) as well as online.

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Eulalia Meija

Eulalia Mejia (aka Happy Chinchilla) is an illustrator, graphic designer and artist living in the rural mountains of Colombia, South America, with her two dogs, two cats and human boyfriend.

Eulalia loves mixed media art for the freedom it offers - the possibility to go from one technique to another means there is always something new to learn.

Most days you can find Eulalia in her studio creating. Her interests encompass a wide variety of creative projects like: doll making, embroidery, book binding, mixed media painting, collaging and art journaling.

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Lorraine Bell

Also known as “The Wandering Artist,” Lorraine is a self-taught Mixed Media Artist who fills her days with painting, traveling, and writing. Lorraine has filled volumes of sketchbooks with her illustrations and stories bursting with her adventures on the road.

Lorraine is one of the founding members of Art to the 5th. She has made the tiny island of Grand Cayman her home for the last 30 years and on the rare occasions she is sitting still, you will find her on the beach under a coconut tree with sketchbook in one hand and paintbrush in the other. She hosts retreats for artists and teaches both online and on site and is happiest when she is sharing her art with fellow creatives.

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Nicole Warrington

Nicole Warrington is an artist and educator on Vancouver Island on Canada’s West Coast. She works with watercolour and mixed media to create art journals and paintings. Her art is deeply inspired by her connection to the landscape and natural world. She is passionate about using her creativity as practice in mindfulness and self-care. Nicole enjoys hiking, daily yoga, and exploring the forests, mountains and beaches with her husband and two daughters. She teaches in person art workshops in her community and online classes.

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Jerney Marisha

Jerney is an Antwerp based, Dutch artist who enjoys spreading inspiration around like pixie dust. She loves designing creative exercises to help her students overcome fear, self doubt and artist block, and help artists to dive within and make authentic and meaningful art.

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Soraya Hamming

Soraya is a designer, mixed media / collage artist and teacher from the Netherlands.

She started her own Design studio, my Artstudio and website Art-Cademy, for online workshops, collage sheets and journals.

The artist in her loves to create anything from mini albums to collage journal pages. The teacher in her loves to inspire others to find comfort in creating art and let the creative juices flow.

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Birgit Koopsen

Birgit started scrapbooking in 2003 but then fell in love with mixed media and art journaling. Her favorite things to do right now are art journaling, mono printing and layered collage art. She loves to get her hands dirty and experiment with paints and inks and all kinds of mediums. Birgit’s art is mostly bright and colorful, with a lot of layers and details.

Since 2014 Birgit has her own product line with Carabelle Studio and is a Lead Brand Ambassador for Gelli Arts® and creates monthly video tutorials for the Gelli Arts® You Tube channel and conducts regular live classes for Gelli Arts® and Michaels Stores.

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Melissa Fink

Melissa Fink is a painter living in Western New York, creating in her home studio in her old 1870s farmhouse.

She believes beauty has great power to kindle hope. She is deeply inspired by nature and is often reminded that in spite of all that can go wrong in the world, some things can go so right. Nature is evidence of this reality – that beauty can emerge from barren places and broken things can be made new. This is why she paints and why nature deeply inspires her. Her work is an invitation to see beauty in the unfolding moments of life, to offer a glimpse of hope and joy.

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Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews is a printmaker and book artist. Her work has been exhibited in the US and is a part of the permanent collections of Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, George Washington University’s Gelman Library, University of Puget Sound, and Samford University. She is also a Youtuber and a designer for ArtFoamies.com.

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Shawn Petite

Shawn Petite is a mixed media artist living her dream of creating every day. Her passion for art has been with her from childhood. She's been teaching and painting for over 30 years in many different mediums, but found her art soul mate in mixed media.

Shawn produces her own line of stencils and creates soulful and informative online workshops on mixed media. But most importantly, she tries everyday to encourage and inspire. To show love with her paintbrush. To leave her little corner of the world a better place.

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LaQuisha Hall

LaQuisha Hall began her creative journey in her early teen years. She engaged in a lot of journaling and drawing as an outlet. Being creative was an escape - an opportunity to see herself in a better place. She found that this was a therapeutic way for her to release stress and give a visual voice to her darkest secret. She is now the Confident Canvas God called her to be - a masterpiece!

Since starting her brand, Confident Canvas, LaQuisha has created, taught classes and co-authored a book to support others in finding their own creative voice. She is skilled at bible journaling, mixed media, hand lettering, journaling, drawing, painting and more! LaQuisha has worked with many creative brands, including Illustrated Faith and Erin Condren.

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Kristy Kensinger

Kristy is an artist based in Colorado.

Since a young age, she traveled across the nation and globe which sparked an internal passion. Travel both energizes and humbles. When not on the go, she continually researches different cultures. The textiles, patterns, cuisine, and artisans worldwide inspire her artwork and teaching. She love the lessons and unpredictability that travel brings to my life. Each experience is reflected in her artwork.

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Misty Granade

Misty Granade is an abstract mixed media artist from Alabama. While she has been an artist her whole life, her professional artist career started in 2013. Her interests range across contemporary mixed media art, art journaling, book binding, eco dying, and crochet.

Misty enjoys helping other artists explore their own creative paths. She writes about art and process on her blog. She has published articles in online and print magazines. She's taught art journaling classes both online and in person and been a community facilitator for an online art community.

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Julie Valentine

Julie Valentine is a mixed media and art journal artist, living in Northern California. She believes art is a powerful way to reflect on the lessons, gifts and joys of life. By focusing on joy, in our art journaling practice, valuable insights and opportunities can be revealed. Art journaling has the power to shift our perspective, so that we can move through life with more grace and ease. Through her online classes, Julie demystifies the creative process by guiding creatives through an art journaling process that uses readily available tools to create beautiful art journal pages.

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Wendy Solganik

Wendy Solganik, aka “Willa” on Instagram, is a life long artist and crafter, currently working in book arts, mixed media and watercolor. You can find her at home in her studio, crafting handmade, colorful, and highly custom art journals for clients while caring for her large extended family.

Wendy teaches many online mixed media bookmaking classes and is the co-founder of The Bookmaker Collective. You just never know where she will wander to next!

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Christa Forrest

Christa is a full-time artist specializing in pastel, oil, acrylic and mixed media art. After spending 20 years in a finance career, she decided to follow her true passion and become a full-time artist. Her work is a mixture of realism, exploration, experimentation and pure fun. 

Christa hopes to encourage everyone to unleash their inner Goddess through her artwork. 

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Tammy Garcia

Art is Tammy's escape and a form of self-expression. She's into art journaling in altered books, collage, gouache, drawing, sewing paper, and photography.

At her blog Daisy Yellow, she writes about art and creativity and encourages artists to improvise, experiment, and toy with their process. Each summer since 2011, she has facilitated the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge where we create art on index cards for 61 days. she love to work with people to nurture and stick with a daily creative habit!

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Soraya Nulliah

Soraya Nulliah is a mixed media artist. She had a solo art exhibition in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada titled Shakti: Homage to the Indian Woman ((2006). Her art has been featured multiple times in Somerset Studio, Somerset Art Journaling Magazine and Cloth, Paper, Scissors. She may be a little bit obsessed with art journaling, handmade papers and epherema.

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Lynne Furrer

Lynne took her first watercolor class to learn painting techniques for her photographic art, but she fell in love with the flow of water on paper and its magical attraction to pigment. She never went back to photography. Lynne paints in a semi-abstract, expressionist style that transforms photographic representation into magic and mystery. She has a deft hand with the “loose” style in watercolor much sought after. Always in motion and evolving her practice, Lynne carries her expressionistic style to other mediums such mixed media, oil and encaustic.

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Sukari Phoenix

Sukari has been in love with various art forms her entire life but began her journey with abstract expressionism five years ago. She was previously a realistic artist but felt stifled by the perfectionism that it required. She yearned to express her lived experience through her art and began experimenting with art journals and small pieces. Her creative process became an invaluable outlet for her inner voice. It allows her to practice patience and making peace with imperfections. Other mediums that she enjoys include jewelry making, sculpture, and anything handcrafted!

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Alyssa Griese

Living in Canada, with a BA in visual arts, Alyssa is a maker and lover of all things handmade. Art journaling captured her heart only a few short years ago and quickly became a passion and daily source of inspiration and creativity. For Alyssa, embracing imperfections and chasing after “happy accidents” is the true magic of art journaling. Anything goes within the pages of her art journal and it has become an important place for her to process, to experiment and to play.

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