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Below you'll find the testimonials that our Wanderlust 16 and 17 Adventurers left for us in the classrooms and groups and allowed us to share them here. All are genuine and authentic and we are grateful for each and every of these words.

I would recommend Wanderlust to anyone and everyone, beginner or professional artist! This is a supportive and non-judgmental environment to explore individual creativity yet be connected to people from all over the world. Do as much or as little as you like! Get involved as much or as little as you like. It is also a great value - where else can you meet so many amazing artists and get a peak into their process! I especially like that we can keep the videos, and later try them again and see how much our process has evolved. Lorraine Goulet

Wanderlust 2017 has been an artistic delight in my life. My inbox has a challenging yet enjoyable lesson in it weekly. The videos are extremely well planned, professionally filmed and easy to understand. From the guest teachers to Jamie and Kasia's lessons, I have been impressed again and again. I would highly recommend Wanderlust to anyone interested in growing artistically. Plus, Jamie and Kasia are just fun, seeking to be real people who want others to feel comfortable in their art endeavors...this is a priceless gift. Shea Underwood, a happy 2017 Wanderlust member

I have enjoyed Wanderlust 2017 tremendously. It is a great value for the price and gives me something new and fresh to look forward to every week. I have learned new techniques, and been guided to actually get started on projects, rather than just buying supplies and not starting anything. Jamie and Kasia have taught me that you can use what you have, there is no need to go out and buy new supplies for each project. I look forward to the class and the projects every week. I am so glad that I participated. It was a very good investment in helping to nourish my creativity. Terri Stovall, Louisiana, USA

Signing up for Wanderlust is one of the best things I have done. There is no pressure to do everything, it is at your own pace, you can learn something new, but most of all you have fun. The best part is that no matter how bad a week you have had, there is a little surprise to open at the end of it to make you smile. Debby Thornton

Wanderlust is a vibrant and supportive class that has opened my eyes to a range of artwork that has only influenced me for the better. I love the way lessons teach you techniques that you can use and create your own paintings and pictures. It gives the technical advice with ways to develop your own style and approach. It has helped me grow as an artist and I'm so thankful I found it! Lesley Howells

Wanderlust is the most amazing art experience. It allows you to work with many different artists, each with their own style. In this processes you will find your own abilities stretch, bend, and blossom. This is not just another class; it is an art journey to find the art within you. Beth

As a beginner mixed media/ art journal crafter I took a chance and signed up for Wanderlust 2017 and am so happy I did. it has opened up my mind to new and challenging creative ideas and techniques and allowed me to experiment and realize I do have a few creative bones in my body. You will not regret taking the Wanderlust class. Janet Goshor

Wanderlust has been a wonderful experience so far. There has been a great variety in instructors, each with her, or his, own style, techniques and ideas. It's a very affordable option, and the ability to work at your own pace is great. If you want to spend more time on one class or race through another, it's all up to you. The community is also there for you to enjoy and contribute to, but again only if you want to! Cindy McMath

I have loved wanderlust 17 enjoying the excitement that each week brings. I have learnt so many new techniques and different products. I have created a few journals with lots of information and created something worth hanging on the wall. The opportunity to be inspired by others around the world creating and sharing together. Your love and passion inspires me to make the time for my own art enjoyment. Dawn Meldrum

First of all, I have to say that I think both Kasia and Jamie are very comfortable to listen to. Calm and smiling and very talented. I have had great pleasure from Wanderlust due to the vast diversity of both artists and techniques that have been learned. I have even discovered new art forms that I did not know that I liked before I saw Wanderlust.

I would highly recommend participating in Wanderlust both now and and on later occasions. I'm definitely going to sign up next year too.

Thank you Kasia and Jamie! Anita Sæløen

Wanderlust has been one of the best things I have done in a while. My new years resolution was to make art a priority this year and Wanderlust has helped me achieve that goal. So many artist with different ideas and techniques, it has been such a treat. You can go at your own pace and there is at least one week a month that you can use to catch up. There is no pressure to buy supplies, you are actually encouraged to use what you have. I have been very happy with Wanderlust 2017 Kimberly O'Connell

Wanderlust is a great way to access more teachers and classes than possible any other way. It is something you do at your own pace at home, but have access to online classroom support. A wonderful year of learning and exploring. Diana Ericson

I have participated in Wanderlust for two years. Both years have introduced me to a wide variety of art teachers from around the world. I appreciate the variety of teaching styles and techniques. Mostly, I truly enjoy Kasia and Jamie's coordination, participation, and presence in the Wanderlust Community. They encourage us to make the art our own and not just copy what the instructors are doing. Wanderlust is a year-long journey that will stimulate YOUR creative force instead of just asking you to recreate other artist's work. If you want to truly build your artistic toolbox join Wanderlust and get ready to become the artist you were always meant to be! Robyn C.

"Wanderlust is a brilliant combination of technical "know how", creative inspiration and practical advice about all aspects of mixed media art. Supported by a range of talented international teachers, Jamie and Kasia ensure that you're welcomed to this special community, encouraged to explore and experiment, and challenged to try something different and new through regular activities and competitions. The online videos can be accessed anywhere, anytime and saved for future reference so you can keep coming back for a refresher or to learn more whenever suits you. Overall, it's a great investment of time and good value for money - highly recommended to both beginners and more experienced artists and art journallers alike! L Allen

I have loved watching other people create. I have learned something new from every video I have watched and even if I haven't used those techniques myself I take inspiration from them. I have found that I am discovering my own style by taking inspiration from others - I know better what I like or what works for me. RS

I had only taken a few downloaded classes before Wanderlust and they left me feeling frustrated. I want to develop my own style, I don't just want to copy the teacher! I feel Wanderlust opens up possibilities with seeing how different artists approach their work. I might not like what everyone does but I get new ideas. Then there are the classes introducing us to either products, tools, treasure hunting etc which I find most useful. Jo F.

*Wanderlust 2017 was a Christmas gift from my family. (I have a great family!) I would have to say that it was/is the best gift I’ve ever received. There has been so much food for thought, techniques to add to my “tool box”, interesting artists to learn about and get to watch create their art, and prompts to just sit down and be creative in ways that are so outside of my usual. I have created art in some way or other most of my life with the majority of the medium used being clay, (and some wall mural painting) I have enjoyed being stretched in different directions letting go of a bit of my perfectionist tendencies as watch and participate in the lessons. Zuda Gay Pease

Wanderlust 2017 introduces you to artists who inspire and help develop your skill sets. The community is very active and encouraging + there are lots of little added bonuses to keep you in the artist game. Thanks Wanderlust! SM

Wanderlust 2017 is so rich, interesting, inspiring with talented people. I would have love to know about it sooner! But for sure I'll be there for the 2018 adventure! It's a door opening to a huge world of creativity. Christine

Wanderlust 2017 is the most inspiring experience in this year. Making art every week and getting insights in the work of so many other artist has given my creativity a whole new direction. Birgit

"I'm so happy I signed up for Wanderlust 2017! Jamie and Kasia have created such a quality course, I'm not used to this quality on online classes, you're truly unique! It's wonderful to get so much inspiration, ideas, creativity and such in-depth knowledge (both technical and theoretical) from true artists every week! Just had to let you know, because I think this every single week!"

Wanderlust offers a winning combination of inspiration and instruction from a variety of outside artist but also from Kasia's own beautiful style. Her husband Jamie offers all the technical explanations on tools that every women dreamt her own husband knew. I just love picking and choosing the projects that speak to me. The theme throughout is to have fun and enjoy the process. Heather C.

I've enjoyed Wanderlust 2017 and am looking forward to Wanderlust 2018! I love the in-depth videos and product lists and the ability to download all of these materials to keep for reference in the future and I thank you for that gift. I am just beginning to explore my creative self through art journaling mostly, and appreciate this safe and nurturing environment to experiment and stretch my wings. Thank you so much! - Luci

Wanderlust is aptly named, as you wander through the art your lust for more increases! A brilliant way to enjoy a wide variety of art styles at your own pace, with activities which you join in as and when you wish! All this, and great value for money too! Nicky Baker

As a newcomer to the world of art journaling thinking that I needed to be more 'practiced' in all techniques, I was a little intimidated by the line up of renowned teachers for the Wanderlust year of classes. I took the plunge; signed up and am so glad I did. Wanderlust 2017 is pure magic - a beautiful and balanced mix of international artists and techniques sprinkled with a few challenges. Shannon Yates

I'm loving the pace of the class and the work I'm encouraged to produce. The format keeps me creating regularly and the variety of teachers has helped me pull together my own style. Danielle L

I can't say enough about Wanderlust. I am a novice but they have never made me feel like one. Because of them I have gained so much confidence in myself and my artistic abilities. Not to mention some fantastic pieces to add to my walls. Wanderlust was originally suggested to me by my therapist and has given me a creative outlet that has soothed my mind as well as pushed me to try new things. Thank you Jamie and Kasia!! Windy Zell

Wanderlust is to me a safe and supportive community where I can meet and share with wonderful people from all over the world. It’s like I’m part of a big creative family. I find Wanderlust also special because to me all activities and lessons intertwine into a next step, and I develop my art quest along with it. Very different from stand-alone tutorials. Wanderlust gives me a wide variety of teaching styles and techniques in a professional way. Very well planned and great quality video’s and guidelines that comes along with it. This special goal of following your own ‘Wanderlust path’ is very unique I think. Not only does it provide me with technical advice, but also encourages me to make it my own, to be open minded, to be curious and to be bold! This is my second year of Wanderlust. Before I didn’t know anything about mixed media or journaling. I only knew I just like to create, but I didn’t enjoy it so much because I always felt I had to create something nice and for other people’s likes. Wanderlust motivates me to create regularly and to enjoy the process. It has become part of my daily live, I just cannot do without it any more. Ellen Dekker

Wanderlust is a wonderful gift of self-care for yourself. A supportive community with something for everyone at the pace you decide to set for yourself. Lisa Dixon

Wanderlust is so appropriately named! It was the name that caught my attention, beckoning, and whispering that I must try this class for 2017. And I'm so glad that I am part of it. There are a variety of techniques, modalities, inspirational instructors and so much more to learn from jam-packed into this amazing year-long adventure. I'm finding my adventure is taking me to new shores which I'm having so much fun exploring! Lisa Derby Oden

"The Wanderlust classes are amazing! I learn about technique painting, collage, DIY and also about my art though the exercises and challenges. All teachers, Kasia and Jamie give me precious advices each week to continue this adventure together. I recommend you Wanderlust class to learn, discover and share about Mixed media. Marie B.

I can't say enough about how much participating in Wanderlust 2017 has contributed to my confidence, my joy, and the freedom I have come to feel in my artistic process. For the first time in my life I feel confident enough to actually call myself an "artist"! How awesome is that? Thank you Jamie and Kasia. Mary Pinniger. Canada

Wanderlust 2016 gave my a broad base for art journaling. Wanderlust 2017 have helped me develop that base, which means that it's not splashes that happens in my art journaling. I can plan to do something and I end up pretty close to it. Thanks Kasia, Jamie and all the guest teachers for all your help and tips. Anna Fredriksson

Wanderlust 2017 has been a significant impetus to my evolution as an artist. Fridays mean so much more than just the start of the weekend now. I have been exposed to many new techniques and found great joy in attempting new ideas. I won’t just try these ideas one time, but plan on incorporating them over and over until I own some translation of them. When can I sign up for 2018? Laura McDonald

I adore the Wanderlust classes. They have revitalised my art making and given me so many new ideas. I so look forward to Friday nights when the lessons are released. Ruth

At the time of my joining into this art journey, my head was in a place of sadness and darkness. I had lost my Mother in 2015, and all the emotions and tasks etc that go along with her loss had really taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. I began 2017 with a promise to myself to take this year to find myself again, to take care of me and nurture myself again. I had no idea how I was going to do that...but it was my plan! Wanderlust was presented to me and I thought it sounded so incredible...but as usual, I had a "but" and I filed the thought away. I couldn't get it out of my mind though, it was like this opportunity was calling me and telling me I needed to do this, my art needed to be a part of this journey! So I remember emailing Jamie with some questions, and I decided to just DO IT! My mission statement was an incredible feeling...and then Mary Annes class came and that was a whole new level of expression I had never experienced before. This project took me on a journey through so many emotions...I actually cried when I finished it! The significance of this piece really hit me this morning though on June 26, 2017, months after I completed it. I just spent the weekend away with some friends (a first for me at 43 years of age), a trip that was a journey all in itself...I experienced things that I have never felt before and gained insight on things that I have never appreciated before now. Again, it was a trip for was a healing process that I needed. What shocked me was this morning when I woke up back in my own home, I was drawn to my art piece for some reason. I stood in front of it and looked at it, touched it, and all of a sudden there were elements in this piece that I never appreciated before now!! The representation of the symbols and the process literally all made sense to me this morning...the layers of paint, the layers of color, the smoothness, the roughness, the physical feel of the surface and the thickness of the paper from all those layers...the elements within the piece that all had meaning was like this major connection just happened for me. My subconscious took me through the journey of creating this piece then with Mary Anne, but today I understood the process, the why, and the connections!!!! Mary provided me with the inspiration and it took me to a place of understanding that I never imagined. I look at this piece now today and I get it, I get why I set out on this journey of self love and healing, why this class presented itself to me and why I was drawn to joining your incredible community!!! Ahhhhh, sorry, that was a lot of heavy...but Jamie and Kasia you two are so connected to me in a way I cannot describe...your community gave me something I can never thank you enough for and Mary Anne you gave me a gift!! Josie Hoisington

Wanderlust is both inspiring and fun! It challenges participants to be brave, try new techniques and focus on the process instead of the final outcome! Sue Cone

Wanderlust 2017 is full of a wide range of creative topics from simple mark making, intuitive art, mixed media, journaling, tools, the list goes on and on. No matter what your creative bent, there is something for everyone. Liz_nz

I joined Wanderlust in Jan 2017 following our move from the UK to France - all my 'art' put to one side and boxed away whilst we renovate. I considered that I may surely find time to journal? I dug out a limited number of resources and I have restarted my daily journaling routine. It is my opinion that Artist's that journal daily brim over with the excitement for their Art. Daily journal entries lead to more ideas to explore than there are hours in the day to paint! Wanderlust has helped me focus on what I want to discover within my own style of Art. As such, Wanderlust has saved me time and money by enabling me to identify and focus on my own style, I have refined my approach and I am producing a library of materials in my journal that will in my future become works of art! I now know for sure that mixed media for me is pencil ink and watercolour... and my textiles and metalwork sculptures will inform or be informed by my journal entries. Without the structure of a course like "wanderlust" my journals would have sat in their boxes un loved, un opened and very very sad until ll our renovation were done... so thank you Jamie and Kasia for encouraging me to keep journaling no matter how much work is still calling to me from the building site! This is an amazing place for creative minds. Whether you are a new artist of an "old hand", you will learn something new, and be around other people who enjoy the same things. Keep up the good work! Myrto

I have learnt so many new techniques and a vast amount about products while participating in Wanderlust 2017, the weekly classes are diverse and fun, the lessons so easy to follow. It really is a creative paradise. Laura Cutts

Wanderlust is truly inspiring. I was enticed to join by the all-star cast of instructors and the promise of so many new techniques to add to my art toolbox. I was delighted to discover these are expertly taught, technique filled prompts rather than "we-are-all-going-to-make-this" lessons. In this course, more than I have in any other, I am creating original art as opposed to copycat art. Thanks, Wanderlust, for helping me discover my own style. Elizabeth Hawks

Wanderlust 2017 has been a huge catalyst for me to venture away from my "safe" ways of doing art. I love having so many teachers and I love having Jamie and Kasia teaching too. Kasia is a joy to listen to with her gentle manner and sweet voice. I started taking this class as grief therapy, but now it is just fun and my art therapy. I'm looking forward to doing Wanderlust again next year! JLE

I am enjoying WANDERLUST 2017, as there is no time limit. I can join the class according to my convenience. And I do not need to travel anywhere to attend the classes from different teachers. And more over so many artist under one roof. And most importantly no one to judge us, we are free to do what we want to do. It's fun to learn here because the activities or projects are challenging but at the same time they are enjoyable too. And a big thanks to Jamie and Kasia for putting so much of efforts, so that we can get the best classes from the best teachers. I know its not easy to do what you both are doing. Shilpa Shukla

This is my first year doing Wanderlust and it has taught me so much. There are such a variety of classes, all of which have contributed towards giving me more confidence in myself and enable me to produce art that I didn't think I was capable of! Kasia is so natural on camera and is a joy to watch. Lynne West

I chose Wanderlust 2016 because it had a variety of offerings and sounded exciting, which is what I needed to get myself motivated after a long hiatus from my art. Kasia and Jamie are just fun to watch! I love their personalities and they have so many interactions with such marvelous artists. I have been inspired and am grateful for the challenges. Thanks! Diane Sinclair, Iowa

Wanderlust is like a personal art heaven, the teachers are incredible, the classes so rich in information, and you have a very large community to share your work. I was completely new to art journal and mixed media, this classes have open to me a variety of techniques, styles, materials, every week is like Christmas, waiting for the class to open, to discover what new thing I can learn … Wanderlust for me is a discovery journey of new forms to do art. Ely Su

Being new to making art of any kind, Wanderlust was just what I needed to help me along my artistic journey. There are lessons from a variety of teachers with multiple styles and differing techniques to learn from. Along the way Kasia and Jamie are there to offer endless support, inspiration, and motivation. Wanderlust has been one of the best things I've done for myself! Julie E.

This is my s first time with wanderlust! What an amazing journey. Such a variety of wonderful artists. Many new techniques, Think outside the box. you inspire me every week! Kasia and Jamie thanks for all your work that goes into these classes. I am addicted!! Helen M

My husband bought me the Wanderlust course for Christmas, and while he may regret it, I’ve loved every minute of it! Wanderlust has been a phenomenal experience into art journaling and creativity; not just with exploring new techniques and materials, but with getting prompts and methods to put yourself on the page. Thank you Kasia and Jamie! Kim Young

Wanderlust 2017 is exactly what I expected. Learn new techniques to put them into practice without copying, on the contrary. But use it to become more creative. And I feel myself becoming more and more free in my creations! Wanderlust will also allow me to get back to English ... French is my language! (Thank you Google Translate!!!) And then something unexpected, I made new friends thanks to this community.Thank you Kasia, thank you Jamie.Annick Danheux

This is my second year of participating on wanderlust I enjoyed both years. Both years have given me lots of new ideas. I have enjoyed learning how to express myself through art journaling. There is lots of creative fun to be had on wanderlust. JP

Wanderlust has something for everyone interested in art no matter what your ability or experience level. It USA very relaxed class and does not put participants under any pressure to complete projects. It also gives members the unique chance to learn from artists/ teachers from around world. Wanderlust is also the best value online course I have ever found and Jamie and Kasia are wonderful hosts/teachers.Thank you so much. Liz

Testimonials from Wanderlust 2016

Elizabeth B. Graham: Wanderlust 2016 has been such a rewarding, inspiring and downright fun experience for me. I was especially impressed at how much support was given to us and how much we were encouraged to not be too judgmental of ourselves. I am looking forward to the new classes of Wanderlust 2017 and the wonderful projects of the Wanderlust "Family."

Aga: It has been a fantastic year for me. I was new to the mixed media world when I signed up for Wanderlust in December of last year. It is safe to say I have never created as much and as regularly, have never been stretched, challenged and provoke to dig deep, be brave, bold and fierce. So let me just say a big THANK YOU to ALL the teachers, you have all changed me and made me a more confident and skilled person. And a big, big THANK YOU to Kasia and Jamie, the Mum and Dad, the masterminds behind the project. Without the two of you none of this would happen, so you can be very proud of yourselves. So here's to the next year! May it be as happy and creative as this one.

Ngaire Ashdown: Kasia and Jamie, thank you for a fantastic year of Wanderlust. It has been a wonderful journey in mixed media which was something very new to me. I've learnt so much not just about techniques but about myself, too. Thank you to all the fab teachers, too. Such a wide variety of talent.

Sandra Yaguda-Kinsey: Wanderlust 2016 has been a blast. I've had so much fun and learned a lot of new techniques. I've loved seeing what other people create. I've loosened up on my personal expectations and am learning how to ignore my inner critic. It really has become all about the process of creating. What matters most is that I had a good time on the journey. If the end result is pretty it's a bonus! I am excited about Wanderlust 2017 and looking forward to next year's journey with you. Thank you so much for making this all happen!

Kim Lennox: Wanderlust 2016 has been special from start to finish. I am grateful for both of you, and to all the teachers and classmates who have so generously shared. This space you have created overflows with kind, gifted, knowledgeable, courageous folks.

Deborah Elliott: Thank you for making this an artful year! Learned so much and made a lot of art, enjoyed new processes and learned so much product information which enabled me to use art supplies fearlessly! Without a doubt the best money spent on any art class ever! I looked forward to Friday's and am anxious to begin 2017 with Wanderlust!!! You two are fantastic and pulled together an incredible experience filled with great teachers (to include you both of course)! Wanderlust rocks!!!!!!

Coleen Kappes: I just loved this project and featured artist! Anyone thinking about signing up should!!! I have learned so much and been so inspired too!!! I will be signing up next year too!

Dianne Sandland: I can't recommend this Course highly enough. You get far more than your money's worth and even in these early days we are growing a community that is strong and supportive. Whatever level you are at in your mixed media work there is something for you

Denyse Coughlan: Have to say this is a fabulous purchase! I am so glad I joined and simply cannot believe how much is on offer. Really professional, interesting and inspiring workshops and much more besides, BRILLIANT!

Fiona Potter: Loving every second. The tutors are brilliant and inspiring and the quality of the videos is amazing. Big thumbs up from me

Dianne Cousins: Absolutely brilliant course I really recommend this for anyone who wants to learn something really creative! It's motivational, fun, inspiring and there's lots of help, advice, tips and tricks and lots of like minds online to help if you get stuck! The good thing is what you learn spans lots if crafts.

Brigitte O'Brien: Am enjoying myself so much , in just 3 video tutorials I have gained a vast amount of knowledge, also got a confidence boost to explore and try new techniques . If you are considering signing up don't delay, it's fab and worth every penny.

Sarah Lynch: I've been playing with mixed media for a while and still learning a ton from this course in only a few weeks. Highly recommend!

Liz Graham: So glad I made the decision to join the Wanderlust classes!! The videos are full of ideas and ways to use products. In addition to the products and projects presented in the videos, there are several other projects that are ongoing, plus an art gallery expedition, product discounts and much more! This is the most rewarding purchase I have made in a long time.

Kathy Stacy: This is a really a great class, sign up if you haven't. It's well worth the investment in just the few short weeks it's been on I've learned SO MUCH.

Lilly Roskell: So glad i signed up for this. already learnt so much. brilliant presentation and great information for those of us who are new to mixed media work.thank you for putting this together.

Suzanne Bracker: I have not taken an online class before. What I see happening here is so much amazing beauty, positive energy, and valuable connections.

If I could, I would nominate Kasia and Jamie for the Nobel Peace Prize. What you have done and are doing is a work of art.

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to participate in this exciting journey surrounded my magnificent creativity. This is what life is about.

Ngaire Ashdown: Such a good feel about this course. Jamie, Kasia and the guest teachers always make me feel relaxed - like we are just in our own homes chatting!

I put pressure on myself at times... I say to myself "I'm learning and practising" when I start a project out of my comfort zone - which, I might add, has been a lot of times in just a few weeks.

Donna Aldridge: Absolutely on board for another year! Love you, Jamie and Kasia. Love everything you've offered. Love MYSELF more in my own art, and can't say enough wonderful things about all of this! I'm always a bit behind due to time constraints at work, and even though I have a 4-day weekend coming up, I'm on call, so may actually STILL be working! However, since the content is always there, just waiting for me, I don't get frustrated and overwhelmed (much, lol). This is the best thing I've ever done for myself, and that is all thanks to Jamie and Kasia!

Jane Cameron: I am thoroughly enjoying the course and am more than happy with what I have completed. All the elements keep me very busy. Whilst the classes from Teresa and Beckah are not really my sort of thing, there are a lot of points, hints and tips that are of value in MY Art Journal journey. I will have a go at everything, (eventually). The extras, like Art Gallery visits and 'technical' classes help to build on my knowledge. It is a wonderful course and Jamie and Kasia are doing a wonderful job. Thank you very much.

Michelle Whisenhunt [Kasia and Jamie] They teach in a very positive, non-judgmental manner that is very conducive to the creative process. I also greatly appreciate all of the extra, unexpected videos. This Wanderlust series is soooooo much more than I imagined it would be. Thanks to Kasia and Jamie, for sharing your knowledge and all of the time and energy that it takes to organize such a great experience.

Eliza: Kasia & Jamie, I truly admire you for your vision and huge heart you put into this project. Love you guys. ♥

Harriet Tennant: I would like to add that the amount of design/technical/skill knowledge shared so far by all the teachers is quite mind boggling to someone like myself who has only ever winged it alone. I'm starting to create notebooks with titles such as "patterns", "zentangle patterns", "simple drawings" etc which start off with the ones that have been shared to far and to which I shall add others as my eye is already picking up line/patterns in all sorts of things. Besides the work you have put into the creation of this course, Jamie and Kasia, you are adapting and having to deal with all the unexpected 'hics' that have cropped up. Thank you for your calm and friendly manner in which you communicate this to us all as you go along. Bravo!

Liz Thayne: I am so glad I decided to sign up for this adventure- worth every penny and more. Thank you so much to Jamie and Kasia you are both stars.

Glenys Burleigh: I feel so fortunate to be part of this group. I really appreciate the hard work put in by Kasia and Jamie and the amount of time and energy they are putting into this group. Thank you.

Kathrine Campono: Just back from a weekend with no internet service, imagine that! As always, can't wait to open my Friday class and as usual it did not disappoint! I'm learning so many new techniques and styles that I can then make my own. I feel that is what's important, learning, growing and just having fun with it! This is truly a unique community, I'm glad to be a part of!

Karen Kemper: Jamie! that was great!!! i feel like i now have the answers to the mysteries of the universe...i have long wondered about the technical info on my paint tubes and about the differences inherent in colors, brands, transparencies etc. Daler-Rowney products are new to me so i am appreciating this introduction to their products as well. ps. your presence is so soothing, i feel like i am sitting in a class i love to attend! after a long day at work it's a welcome and comforting thing.

Jan Brattain: I'm so glad I signed up for Wanderlust! Been enjoying all the videos so far and am learning so much. Jamie is such a good speaker, very straightforward, concise and easy to understand. Thanks!