Have you ever...

  • started mixing colours and ended up with "mud"?
  • felt that your art doesn't come together and the colours are never quite right?
  • thought mixing colours is too complicated and not worth it?
  • or maybe you got frustrated mixing colours, never being able to get the exact shade you had in mind?
  • wondered how to create these truly scrumptious colour combinations but didn't know where to start?

If you said YES to at least one of these questions, please read on, this may be the perfect course for you.

This is Colour Confidence Masterclass!

All you need to know about colour theory demonstrated in a fun, easy to understand but incredibly thorough way. Giving you the colour confidence your creativity deserves. Perfect for mixed-media artists, art journalers, crafters and scrapbookers.

This Masterclass is available at $85 USD.

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This is the ultimate colour guide for all artists and creatives!

The only one you'll ever need. Dive in and learn through the fun, relaxed and packed with knowledge lessons. Honour your creativity and say YES to gaining confidence in using colours to create jaw dropping colour palettes and matches.

"I'm not a colour person"

...was the way I thought of myself for years. Deep down I simply knew that I'll never be great at mixing colours and creating palettes. I felt that I'll always have to use colour palettes matched by someone else, from a website or an app, rather than create anything that's truly mine. I knew that colour can never become part of my signature style.

I even took a course on colour theory. Even though there was a lot of information, I couldn't see how I could translate it into my art. I knew what a colour wheel is, but it made no difference to my daily craft and art practice.

But then something happened.

One night as I was watching a talent show on TV something really surprised me. I put my drink down and got up to get closer to the television. There was a group of dancers swirling around the stage, but it wasn't their moves or the music that fascinated me.

It was their outfits. They were wearing magenta skirts and tops and turquoise tights. My understanding, after taking a mini course in colour theory in past, was that this colour combo is not supposed to work. And yet it felt extremely vibrant and interesting.

I suppose this was my break through moment. I'm pretty sure a golden beam of light came from the sky and lit up my living room. I pulled out my art journal and quickly made a few scribbles with this colour combo using different shades of crayons.

Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it looked horrible.

But one thing I knew: I had to find out why and so my investigative nature pushed me to hours of experimentation. What I discovered inspired weeks and then months of learning all about colours and finding out why exactly some work so well together.

That was 12 years ago. Over the years I've learnt an enormous amount about colour. Most importantly I've practiced and experimented, often until I fell asleep at my desk.

Today I want to pass it on. I want you to skip the search for knowledge, and learn the bits that really matter to mixed-media people, crafters and art journalers.

Facts, techniques and secrets that can truly enrich your art practice.

I want you to start gaining the Colour Confidence you deserve right here and right now.

That is why...

I've structured the course so it contains only the most crucial knowledge and exercises which will help you gain Colour Confidence as quickly as possible, so you don't waste any more time worrying if the colour palette is going to work or not.

I want you to start using colours intuitively and with flair, so I've put a lot of hard work into structuring this course making sure it can bring real benefit to your art and craft practice.

Here's what one of the Students of Colour Confidence Masterclass has to say about this course:

"Wow, these colours look amazing together!"

Think about it, every time when you look through a Pinterest board/Instagram hashtag of any art, there's one kind of artwork that makes your stop scrolling.

You tap on it to look closely and right away you feel the butterflies, you love it, it inspires you.

But why this particular piece? Well guess what, most of the time the reason is colours!

Good colour combinations are what draw us in. It's often the first thing we notice and what makes us fall in love with an artist's style or their work.

But what is the secret behind a good colour match?

Why are some palettes simply jaw dropping while others only ok?

Let me tell you this: nothing is accidental when it comes to creating a mind blowing colour palette for artwork of any kind. Sure, experienced artists will follow their gut to choose colours for their pieces, but this is because they have put a lot of effort and/or time into learning about what makes a good colour combination.

I want you to have the confidence of an experienced artist. That's why in the Colour Confidence Masterclass I'm showing you tools and ways which will allow you to create these jaw dropping colour palettes just like that, almost instantly.

You'll be learning about colour matching schemes and a few other secrets that will make your palettes super coherent and expressing the mood that you truly want to express through your art. You'll be able to tell stories with your colour palettes!

My name is Kasia Avery and I will be your guide.

This Masterclass is a result of my big huge massive wild sparkly LOVE for colour. I've been on this journey myself - from a complete novice to an artist who uses colour with fearless confidence. I want you to feel exactly the same, so come join me today and let me guide you.

Examples of Kasia's artwork. Demonstrations of these particular pieces are not included with this Masterclass.

What you'll learn on Colour Confidence Masterclass:

  • how to see colour and develop sensitivity to colour palettes all around you
  • what is a colour wheel, how to use it during every painting session and why you should always have it at your workspace
  • how to work with acrylics to create colour mixes
  • all about six colour schemes - the most helpful tool to create your own colour palettes
  • how to use each of the six colour schemes to create an abstract piece
  • what is optical colour mixing and how to use it in your art
  • all about physical colour mixing
  • what is colour bias and why yellow and blue don't always make green
  • how to make every colour you desire with just six primaries - you'll paint two colour wheels - one with three and one with six primaries - this could be your Colour Confidence breakthrough moment - you'll learn at a lightning speed and fast-forward your skills.
  • the secret to make every colour palette coherent and full of character
  • how to use the mixing grid and how to make your own colour mixing journal
  • all about helpful tools and products that will make your process easier
  • how to build your colour palettes
  • BONUS: How to bind your own inspirational colour book. This process consists of two parts - creating covers and binding. You'll end the course holding your very own, handmade record of your progress and learning.
  • BONUS: Artist process lessons. Three inspirational videos featuring Melissa Fink, Jearney Marisha and Claudette Hasenjager, each showing you their own unique way how they use colour harmonies.

Q: What supplies will I need?

A: This Masterclass is based on many demonstrations. Most of them are done with acrylic paints, but there are a few other things that may be handy. Please scroll down to the curriculum and open the "Supplies you'll need" lecture for full information.

Q: When does the course start?

A: As soon as you'll join. The moment you enter the classroom you'll get full access to all lessons within this Masterclass. You can do it at your own pace.

Q: How long do I have access to the masterclass?

A: Lifetime baby! As long as Everything Art exists you will have access to this course, promise. And we don't plan on going anywhere!

Q: What's your refund policy?

A: We give you an opportunity to request a refund within the 14 days of the purchase.

Here's what's included in the Masterclass:

  Before we start.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Basics - Module 1
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Colour Harmonies - Module 2
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Artist process - Module 3
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Colour Mixing - Module 4
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Building the Book - Module 5
Available in days
days after you enroll