Welcome, to Art Rituals

where we turn this...

  • It feels difficult to show up in my art space.
  • I'm struggling to find my mojo to create.
  • Daily life gets in the way and I feel too busy to make art.
  • I end up procrastinating rather than creating.

into this...

  • I have motivation and inspiration to create.
  • My art space feels like an inviting place and I love to spend time there!
  • Finding the time to create feels like second nature since I found my own art routine.
  • Art is no longer something I put to the side. It's a priority and I feel the benefits in my daily life, too!

make finding inspiration easy

Skip common roadblocks like frustration and procrastination - gather inspiration and organise your projects so creativity is always at your fingertips!

learn to tap into your flow

Practice movement, journaling, stimulating your senses and more. Set yourself up for finding the sweet spot when you're creating!

create your own art rituals

Try out the suggestions from 7 experienced Teachers, and use them as springboards to discover your own personal and beautiful art rituals

Follow seven artists as they share their Art Rituals.

Take a peek into their art spaces and learn about how they...

  • organise their art supplies
  • create an atmosphere that overcomes procrastination
  • practice intentional living
  • get in the zone and find their flow
  • teach others to release the creative energy
  • forage for natural inspiration
  • practice physical movement to support their art practice

Claudette Hasenjager shows us how she organises her art supplies and projects to create a productive art process. She also explains her super strategy that gives her something to look forward to and makes it easier to get started in her art space the next day.

Iris Fritschi-Cussens emphasizes the importance of normalizing the unromantic and non-Instagrammable aspects of being a creative person. This video is a real treasure that will make you feel empowered to make your art practice serve YOU, not others.

Jeanne Oliver shares her soulful rituals that have made a big difference in her quality of life and creative practices. From taking breaks and traveling, to intentional living, and managing your sources of inspiration. This one is not to be missed as Jeanne's experience is a wealth of knowledge. 

Finnabair explains how to stay focused and avoid distractions,as well as how to create a welcoming and efficient workspace, and how to take it slow and let a project open up in your heart and mind.

Wendy Brightbill's video is a huge treat for everyone who wants to refresh their art space (physical and in your hearts!) From cleaning and reorganising your studio, to getting inspired by your own work, as well as sharing the creative energy by teaching others. 

Francisca Nunes talks about how she sets the mood in her art space, how she finds inspiration from foraging and spending time observing nature, and lots more.

Robyn McClendon shares her art rituals which include writing, slowing down, and activating her body through physical movement to become present, allowing her awareness to come alive.

Plus a BONUS from me, Kasia Avery:

This bonus is all about the lessons we learn from nature and how they can inform our art. Join me as I explore this idea and create an art journal spread.

+ 5 printable guides

nourish rituals that support your art practice

These inspirational handouts will give you ideas and prompts to ponder on, such as how to be mindful with the content that we consume, how to include movement in your art rituals. how to find quiet amongst the chaos and more! 


How long will I have access to this mini course?

Lifetime access! Return to the videos any time, as many times as you'd like. Hooray!

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As tax rates vary all over the world, adding tax on top of the price is the only way we can continue to offer our classes on sale globally.

This has been further complicated by Brexit, and international clamp downs on online tax collection.

Sales tax is worked out and added to the cart if applicable on a country by country basis.

Can I use my smartphone to watch the lessons?

Yes! Our website and classrooms work very well on tablets and smartphones.

What is your refund policy?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

Some of these videos seem familiar, is it all new content?

Some content is new (Kasia's bonus lesson, the 5 printable handouts) but the other videos in this course all come from our exclusive Wanderlust bonus archives. If you signed up to Wanderlust 2023 during the early bird period you would have received Art Rituals as a limited time bonus to your inbox. However the videos have never been available to purchase or available on our website before.

How many tutorials are included in the course?

There's one project step-by-step included in this course by Kasia Avery. This is a complete, double spread which represents inspiration taken from nature. This thorough and suitable for beginners tutorial will let you practice getting in the flow, recognising your inspiration and embracing impermanence.

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