Art Jar Dos and Don'ts

Hello all!

I'm sure you have a couple of questions right before our Art Jar opens its lid. ;)
That's why I thought I would put together some crucial points and guidelines.
I would love to hear from you whether you find them helpful and I'm open to any suggestions - maybe there's something important we could add - let's talk!


Feel safe

Your art journal is your private space. This is exactly the place where you can be most yourself.
Listen to your own voice, even when it may sound silly or look „ugly”. Your art journal is yours alone and that's the beauty of it!

And most of all – share as much or as little as you wish.
Community is an incredible, empowering experience – we're here to support and inspire one another.
But I also understand the need to keep things private when it comes to art journals. Even when you decide to be a silent observer, I will be thinking about you and hoping one day you will feel ready to join us. ;)

Leave your inner critic outside a locked door

Give yourself at least a 15-minute break from his/her constant nagging.
Practice - even if just for a while - leaving all the doubts, fears and self-criticism outside.
Repeat. :)

Enjoy yourself

This is not a race or a competition. There is no pressure or strict rules.
You don't have to use all the prompts and inspirations provided.
You can take 1 or 2, all or none – you decide how many and how often.
Simply choose what moves you and let it take you places. Notice what stirs your soul. „Take what works and bless the rest.” :)

We will meet once a week but you can go back and forth using whatever calls your name on a given day.
Let the inspirations guide you and the key thing: enjoy yourself and discover new lands of your own creativity!

Love What You Create

Back to the critic, right? ;)
In Art Jar there are no right or wrong answers. This is Art, not maths. ;)
And when you look at other people's works, don't compare yourself!
Each of us is different and all the prompts are designed to celebrate individuality. This is Your Voice and Your Stories. Love them!

Also: Be Respectful to other people's Art and feelings. I know it's an obvious rule but Be Kind to one another. And yourselves too! :)

Make It Your Own

Art Jar is not a to-do list or a step-by-step tutorial. It's all about growing, discovering, and catching an inspiration 'germ'. ;)
Free yourself from the current fashions and trends and your own high expectations. Trust your own voice.
Take the prompts your own direction and be unique you!

Show Up

Art Jar is a long term project and there is no rush. Enjoy the journey and all your creative discoveries.
You may visit as often as you want but show up!

My dream would be for all of us to have regular „creative dates”.
You may treat them as a sort of an art ritual celebrating the season of the year, each passing week and your own creativity.
Make this art me-time special, even when it is just 15 minutes. Protect it from distractions, this time is reserved for you & your art journal.
Even if all you do is daydream or make just one smudge with a crayon. Celebrate it anyway! ;)


Be Afraid To Experiment

I will never stop saying it: each of the prompts can be taken anywhere your imagination and intuition guide you! All the inspirations are just jumping boards to creativity, not strict guidelines or how-to instructions.
You can use them as literally or as figuratively as you wish.
There are no 'right' answers, what's more: there are no mistakes!
Take a risk. Do something unusual. Let yourself grow.

Buy Too Expensive Supplies

They might cause unnecessary paralysis and unwelcome procrastination. ;)
Many people are afraid to 'ruin' the elegant paper or are looking for just the 'right' pen to write. Don't fall into this trap. Time's too precious.
Choose a journal you're comfortable with, colourful products that give you joy or that you simply can't live without.
Use them!

Make It Too Perfect

Play, experiment, ruin a page on purpose.
Nobody will be judging.
Your journal is exactly the place where you can let go and be yourself – imperfect and beautiful. :)

Art journaling is so not about producing a masterpiece every single time. Quite opposite in fact!
Simply enjoy the process and see where it takes you.

Spend Too Much Time on Pinterest and Art Blogs

There will be links in the prompts but don't let them suck you into the Internet Rabbit Hole, even when it looks pretty and inspiring. ;)
The point is to Create. Get your hands dirty with ink and paints.
Go outside. Discover new views, sounds and scents. Charge your creative batteries. Put it all on the journal pages.

Be Afraid To Try New Things

The prompts are designed to make you go beyond your usual creative practice.
You may be asked to use the colour you normally wouldn't, but also to leave your desk and take a new path, pick flowers outdoors, listen to music or even take a bath. ;)
The best way to stay creative and inspired is to try new things and let your imagination grow.
One thing we won't do is to patiently sit in front of a blank page. ;)
Stay open and curious!

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