Day by Day Art Journaling

Kasia's personal guide on mindful, daily art journaling.

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    Who wants to establish a strong daily art routine that's mindful and fits busy lives?

    Is it you? Well then, my sweetness, welcome! You are in the right place, because I am going to get you into making art daily. I will guide you so creating art will become effortless, intuitive and pleasant - just like eating a doughnut, but add guilt-free and good for your body and soul to it.

    Are you one of those people who purchases online courses and never finishes them?

    You enter the classroom, look through the content and have no idea where to start?

    Or maybe you start, but then life gets in your way, the projects overwhelm you, your inner critic is shouting “what’s even the point?!” and you end up flopping on the sofa in front of your telly? Let me show you how to change that.

    Perhaps you feel guilty about it because the whole world around you (well, at least those people on Instagram or Facebook) seem to be having the time of their life, everyone is producing massive amounts of fabulous artwork. And you want to be there too, you want to have something that’s yours and unique. Let me show you how to get there.

    I know how it feels! Since 2011 I went through a storm with my daily art practice - demanding jobs, moving houses and countries, renovations, wedding, pregnancy, having a baby all while at the same time searching for my real identity and trying to find and express myself through different outlets. Having a daily art routine is what taught me who I am and there’s no way that I’m going to let go of it. Today I want to show you the way that I found myself through art journaling.

    Let this course be your new, fresh start, let’s erase all that guilt from the past. I want you to take this chance and receive the self-care you really deserve. Let this be the course that you start and finish, something that you can feel good about and something that brings you that step closer to being the artist you always aspired to be.

    I’m giving you a roadmap to your consistent daily art journaling routine. A roadmap that is taking your busy life into account, that is built out of small segments that are manageable and easy to complete.

    You will discover mindfulness through art using little steps that will make you feel good about yourself and your art. No more sofa procrastination (though we don’t have to completely exclude it from our lives, do we?). No more paints that dry up and never get used. No more unfinished courses. No more “where do I start” and "this is not good enough" moments.

    Here is the Day by Day course - a result of my 10 year long journey through daily art journaling. It’s like my very intimate diary in which I’m sharing a good deal of what I have learnt over that time period. And all of it can be used by you to establish your daily art routine that’s not only beneficial for your style but also for your heart and soul. This is self-care at its best.

    The course is 15 days, but you get life-long access to all of the content.

    During these I will be sharing:

    • 14 video podcasts/vlogs with all the self-discovery lessons that I’ve learnt along the way.

    Through these you will finally get on good terms with your inner critic, you will learn how to allow yourself and then find time for daily art in your busy life (without guilt and without big sacrifices). You will start including mindfulness in your art practice. You will create the most wonderful space for making art no matter the size of your house. You are going to find out what to do when others criticize your art and practice. You will find all the elements that can build your own unique style + why and how you should let them transform. (scroll down to the curriculum for all the subjects that I'll be talking about on this course)

    • Exercises to stimulate your creativity.

    You will start looking at things around you in a different way, through artist’s eyes. You will learn how to find inspiration everywhere (yeah, I know it sounds cliché, but you really will).

    • Printable workbook hand-drawn by me.

    Page by page you will be digging deeper into the subjects that we will be talking about. It will literally take you minutes to fill it in, but will make the self-discovery feel fun and easy.

    • Carefully selected prompts paired with guidelines which will make your hands itching to paint.

    The art journal pages that you’ll be making during this course are going to be all about you.

    • Insights into my intuitive process of art journaling, because I will be working with the prompts too.

    This is not about step by steps (though you are entirely free to copy what I do if you wish) but about giving you an intense boost of inspiration that will get you working immediately.

    • Three Bonus Facebook Live recorded sessions (on day 6, 11 and 15) during which we will be talking about things like: how we can make our art journaling mindful, about the compositional elements that will take your pages to the next level, about how to intuitively choose colours for your artwork, how to continue your practice after the course is finished and I'll demonstrate a few exercises to loosen up + a Q&A. These will also be uploaded to the classroom for lifetime access.
    • Additional (and totally optional!) access to a closed Facebook group in which you’ll have my full attention for the 15 days of this course.

    I’ll be there to answer all the questions that you may have, to give you special support, motivation and honest feedback (if you ask for it). No worries if you are not on Facebook, there’s a comments section within the classroom too, so we can have a chat there!

    But that's not all. I couldn't help myself and had to include some BONUSES to shower you in inspiration and make the process even more joyful:

    • a video from a collaboration with Finnabair on day 10. You’ll get to see what it REALLY looks like when two creatives work on the same piece.
    • interview with Naked Carly (Carly Swenson) on day 4, who ambitiously decided to art journal every day in 2014. You'll find out how it all worked out for her.
    • my video step by step tutorial on how to build a messy (but cute!) handmade book for your daily art journaling (if you have time that is, of course!)
    • a super useful #DaybyDayTracker that'll help you stay motivated and organised

    All the content for this course has been carefully selected and put together so it doesn’t take up much of your time and is absolutely possible to complete even if you have a very busy life. You won’t get bombarded with things to do, the journey is going to be gentle but full.

    Now you may be asking yourself a question whether this course is for you. Do you really need to do art daily? And what will this teach you that you can't find on YouTube or work out for yourself?

    I'd say the first thing to ask yourself is this question: Would you like art-making to play a bigger part in your life? Do you want it to be "your thing" and do you want to say proudly "yes, I am an artist!"? If not, then this is not for you. If yes, then you are in the right place.

    Here I am giving you a plateful of lessons that I have learnt over the years of my daily art practice. And I had many highs and lows along the way, I've observed and talked to others, I have read lots of books by and about artists who inspired me (and I'm giving you the list of these books on this course!) and I started projects of which some would be successful and some would miserably fail. If you listen to yourself, if you are patient and focused, then you will work out these things yourself too. But I know that it's going to take you a lot of time, effort and an occasional moment when you doubt everything. I want you to skip that part, I want you to have the tools to find the balance in much less time. I want you to get to the bit that you'll love, before you get discouraged for good.

    I've learnt that a daily art practice, if done right, is a game changer.

    • You want to develop your own style? -> practise art daily
    • You want to master a certain technique or a process? -> practise art daily
    • You want to be a better artist -> practice art daily
    • You want to gain confidence to show your art to others? -> practice art daily
    • You want to say proudly "I'm an artist?" -> practice art daily
    • You want to lead more creative life? -> practice art daily
    • You want to become an instructor? -> practice art daily
    • You want others to notice you? -> practice art daily (and let people know)

    ...and much more.

    Please note that if you have purchased Day by Day previously, you have lifetime access to the course and do not need to purchase again. We reopen enrolments to the course to take in a new group of students, as there are a limited number of spaces when we release the course. Please check our FAQ's for any other queries.

    Please note, the enrolments for this course are now closed.

    If you want to be kept in the loop for future Day by Day launches, sign up to the waiting list here:

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      Your Instructor

      Kasia Avery
      Kasia Avery

      Together with my husband Jamie I am a founder of Everything Art. Capturing the moments and sensations is everything to me - my language is art. I paint, collage and art journal to figure out my past, my present and future. I scribble, spill, tear, paint and write to let the emotions out. I ask questions and work out my answers through colour, texture, patterns and dynamic connections between contradictions. I'm allowing myself to put together rough and smooth, bold and subtle, quiet and noisy. I teach mixed-media in-person and online since 2011 and everyday I'm grateful for this opportunity to have my dream job.

      Course Curriculum

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      When does the course start and finish?
      The course starts on the 27th of July but you get the access to the classroom (and the bonus and intro content) right after you enrol! From the 27thth of July you'll be getting a lesson each day for the next 15 days.
      How long do I have access to the course?
      How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
      What is your refund policy?
      Once a classroom has been accessed, no refunds will be issued.
      What mixed-media techniques will I learn on this course?
      Mixed-media tutorials aren't the core of this course. You will be getting daily sped up videos showing you Kasia's art journaling process, but because of the intuitive nature of it, this is not meant to be a technique lesson. Kasia allows you to copy her ideas if it works for you, but she won't be giving detailed technical steps by steps.
      What supplies do I need for this course?
      Kasia will be giving you advice as to how to build you supply box that fits you best. If all you have are some craft poster paints and a black pen then you are home already. The last thing we want you to do is to go off and spend lots of money before you even start doing the prompts. The main core here is doing art journaling daily, not doing it the right way, not following the techniques, not competing in any way. Just work every day and make that your main focus here. The important thing is not "what" is in your supply box but "how" it fits together and Kasia will explain that.
      I'm a beginning artist, is this course for me?
      This course is a great way to get yourself into consistent art routine and find the approach that supports you in your daily praxctice. You can skip many difficult moments if you start off with Kasia's lessons. We won't be introducing you to products or basic techniques though, so if this is the knowledge you are lacking, you won't find it here.
      Do I need to be on Facebook to do the course?
      Definitely not! The whole content of this course is hosted on our website and you'll be redirected there once you enrol. Closed Facebook group is an additional feature - a safe place where we will share and enjoy each others company.
      I'm on holiday when the course is running and won't be able to do the lessons when they start. Can I still join, will I still have the access?
      Yes! The course starts on the 27th of July but you can start any time after that. Lessons will be released on daily basis and all the content will remain in the classroom forever so you can go back to it and watch at your own pace.
      I have poor internet, can I download the videos?
      Yes, all videos are downloadable so you can watch when you are offline too.
      Can I share this course with my friend?
      No. It took me a long time to prepare this course and I ask you to respect all the work that I have put into it. Do not share the whole course or single lessons.
      I have done Day by Day in Summer/Spring last year. Is this something new, should I join?
      No. If you've already done Day by Day, please do not enroll in this. This is exactly the same course, we are just opening the classroom for another group of people to go through it's content. You already have access to all of it. Simply log in, go to "My courses" and click "Day by Day".
      Will I learn how to make pretty art journal spreads?
      "Pretty" won't be our goal. This is an approach based course design to free your inner artist and help you establish a mindful art routine.

      The registration is open only until the 26th of July 2020. The next time this course will reopen will be in 2021.

      Right now this course is available at the Early Bird Price ($49 US), but only until the 20th of July (Monday). Regular price is $75.

      This course is closed for enrollment.