Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. I would love to join your online classes but I don't want to use my card online, can I still buy the class ?
A. Yes, you can call us ( +441629 825496) and pay over the telephone.

Q. Since I live outside of the UK, will I be able to purchase supplies through companies in my country that are the same as the ones you listed or are at least comparable?

A. The supply list is a guide, it doesn't matter about what make they are really, or even the exact colours, and many of the products we use will be from outside of the UK, and if not certainly available in stores worldwide. We guess that many people will have quite a lot of them already.

Q. Can I pay with Paypal?
A. We have decided unfortunately not to take paypal at this time, due to the way they have treated both our business and other small businesses. You can however pay by your normal bankcard (debit card) or credit card online, or you can contact us and pay by Bank transfer or we can telephone you and get your card details.

Q. I have just signed up and payed. But...don’t I have to register??
A. You should have received an automated email with information in, if you did not get this email let us know ( and we will get it resent to you.

Q. Are you going to have some more partners in other countries?
A. We will continue to look for further partners/shops, we have contacted many, but we rely on the shop owners wanting to offer permanent discounts for a whole year, and unfortunately not all businesses see the benefits of doing this.

Q. Will I be able to access the information/classes any time during the year and after?
A. The videos will be available for members from publication date until 30th June 2017, they are downloadable so you can keep them forever.

Q. Will I be needing to buy a lot of different materials to be able to follow all the different techniques?
A. It depends on how much stuff you already have and how many of the classes you want to do. As Wanderlust is a journey through different types of media, then of course to get the most out of it you would need certain materials, there is a very comprehensive list on our website, possibly to comprehensive, but acrylics are the media we will use the most. You can watch the class and then afterwards decide if you want to take part and get the products that you need.

Q. Are there any "challenges" by taking part in this coming from abroad like Norway?
A. Absolutely not, we are selling the class worldwide, all of the competitions and prizes are worldwide, the only thing you need is to understand English.

Q. Do I have to buy all of the products from the Supply List ( to join Wanderlust 2016?
A. No, you don’t have to. Our product list is quite detailed as we are going to experiment with many different kinds of products during the whole year, but we don’t expect you to spend a fortune on supplies. If you are at the beginning of your art adventure, your workshop is quite modest and you don't know much about products please keep in mind that you don't have to complete all of these supplies at once. Give yourself time to learn about products, watch the Wanderlust videos from our product expert and then choose what you want to experiment with. Though remember that Wanderlust is about trying new things so if there is something you were always afraid to use now it's the right time.

Q. Can I buy Wanderlust 2016 classes for my children?
A. It depends on the age but our classes aren’t designed for kids and they may find it too complicated. Though in the future we plan on working on classes for kids also.

Q. Are all of the teachers classes new or can I see them somewhere else on the internet?
A. All of our classes are made exclusively for Everything Art and have not been published before, please understand however that even though you will see new things, there are only so many techniques and not everything can or will be new to you, this is depending of course on your level of experience.

Q. Are Wanderlust 2016 videos based on step-by-step instructions?
A. No, they aren’t all based on step-by-step instructions and that’s a part of our brand statement. Guest Teachers will share their creative process but it’s not always going to be a tutorial with all steps explained. We truly believe that this way we can awake everybody’s creativity much quicker and give the chance to develop their own style.

Q. I’m a beginner and I never did any art. Can I join Wanderlust 2016 and if so which supplies should I buy to start with?
A. Yes, you are more than welcome to join Wanderlust 2016. Within our community we will have a special thread for beginners, so you can ask questions and other members can help you. Don’t worry about buying products yet if you are completely not sure what would be the best choice.

Q. Can I download the Supply List?
A. Yes, you can find the link to download full Supply List in PDF and a Checklist at the top of the Supply List page.

Q. Are giveaways and contests open to all members?
A. Yes, they are open to all paid members wherever in the world they live.

Q. Is there any theme that all lessons on Wanderlust 2016 will share?
A. Yes, it’s of course Wanderlust which is a strong desire to travel. We don’t have any other theme like materials we will use, type of painting or technique that will be repeated in all videos. It’s the opposite - we will give you very different artists who create in different styles, because we want to show you variety so you can choose what works best for you.

Q. I want to buy Wanderlust 2016 as a present. What should I do?
A. Please buy Wanderlust 2016 and then email us with the information of the recipient, we will contact them with the introductory email. If you want the first contact on a specific day, please also let us know so we can do our best to help you. If you would like to receive a special invitation card to give to your friend/family member let us know at least three weeks before the day when you need it for.

Q. When does registration for Wanderlust 2016 close?
A. Registration for Wanderlust 2016 closes at the end of July 2016.

Q. I have signed up but have not had any acknowledgement.
A. Please make sure that you used the right email address while signing up, and please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it please contact us on

Q. How it will work if I am using an iPad or other tablet, or is it only accessible through a laptop or pc?
A. There is no reason as far as we are aware that you will not be-able to access the class on an iPad or iPhone.
The community is based on the ning platform which is tablet and smart phone compatible, and our videos will be embedded into the site, and you will be able to stream them from when they are launched until the end of June 2017.

The main issue with tablets and smart phones is if you want to download the videos to store them. This is because firstly the operating systems do not usually have this option and secondly the relatively small storage space on these devices would soon get eaten up.