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Let us invite you to our special offering - the Art Jar. Art Jar is a weekly online event where your host Eliza shares prompts, challenges, quotes and much much more - all to get you inspired. This is a place for all art journalers, artists of different kinds, daring explorers and shy experimenters.

You may use all of the weekly prompts or just one.
You may collage, draw, paint, photograph or write, but I will also encourage you to... dance, walk outdoors, smell, taste, sing and explore

Art Jar is based on seasonal editions - each containing of 13 weeks of inspirations in a specific theme. This time we are introducing you to…

“Art Jar Spring 2018 - Re - edition”.

Read more about this theme below.

After you subscribe you will receive a welcome email from Everything Art. Then, starting from the 12th of March, every Monday a little gem of an email will fly straight into your inbox. This letter will be filled with inspirations, creative exercises, ideas and activities - all fashioned by Eliza Trojanowska. You will be also invited and encouraged to join the Facebook group - an intimate and private place for all Art Jar participants to interact with others, share art and thoughts.

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Art Jar is £14.99. This is approx €17 / $20.8 US / $26 AUS/CAN on 27th Feb 2018.

Art Jar Spring 2018 - Re-edition

This Spring, Art Jar will be a little different to the previous ones as all our Monday meetings will be "sponsored" by a very special prefix -> "Re-"...

Why so?
When you think about it - isn't Spring just The time when Rebirth and Renewal are all around?
We'll take this idea a step further and every Monday focus on a different"Re-" word to fully enjoy the season, capture priceless little moments, find and savour beautiful inspirations, make time and space for your own creative rituals and much needed me-time.
Re-connect, Re-discover, Record, Rejoice and so much more...!
I can't wait to Relish this season with you!

— Eliza

Want to learn more about the Art Jar? Click here to go to the in-depth description.
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Learn more about the host here.

“Art Jar is also a safe space for making mistakes (if such at all exist) and most of all, to keep creating, keep moving, not giving up just because you might lack ideas or feel discouraged.”

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