Imagine Class

We are proud to introduce you to the first class that we are offering you as a part of the Art Transformations series. Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s… “Imagine”!

This class is available now and is streamable and downloadable from the Everything Art Community, so you can do it whenever you want, and as many times as you want!!

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“One of my favorite classes to teach - "Imagine" collage. As with most of my projects it shows the way how you can recycle the stuff you already have in your stash, techniques which are fun and easy to do... and the effects are always mind-blowing!”

This fabulous class is a retired class which means that Finnabair used to teach it in-person all over the world. Together we have prepared it’s refreshed and twisted version with some bonus content added.

This class is perfect for everyone. Even for those of you who have already done it “live” in the classroom with Finn as you are getting a fabulous and priceless reminder of her most staple techniques together with tips that weren’t included. Once again you are getting a chance to meet with the great Finnabair but this time at the comfort of your own home.
If you have never done any of Finn’s classes this will be brilliant to start with. This collage and the techniques included will open a whole new world of mixed-media for you and you may find it the most inspiring art experience ever. Trust us, we know what we are talking about - we were once Finn’s students too!

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“Imagine” class is based on a mixed-media collage canvas project. Finnabair is taking you to her unique and imaginative world of layers, textures and dreamy colours. You will be able to see and you’ll be encouraged to follow Finnabair’s step-by-step instructions where she explains every stage in great detail and gives you the opportunity to turn your own imagination on. Together with this class you will be also getting a full and detailed product information in a video form. Even if you are a beginner and you have no idea what does “gesso” mean… Finnabair will explain everything you need to know about it in order to complete the project.

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The price of this class is £24.99 which will be about $31 US, $40 AUD/CAD, €29 Euro.

Here’s the project that you will be creating step-by-step with Finnabair and below other Imagine-inspired artworks by your teacher.

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On “Imagine” you will learn how to...

  • plan your composition for this canvas
  • create a varied dimensional background
  • balance the elements of your composition
  • apply mediums to create this unique piece of art
  • how to layer the colours, embellishments and elements
  • approach your process of creating art in a more unconventional way
  • recycle unusual elements to create art piece full of depth … and much much more

A bonus secret “Extra Slice” tips from Finnabair that you’ll surely appreciate if you want to take your art to the next level.

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Supply list:

Here you can find our product list for Imagine class. You will need some mediums as this project is mixed-media technique-heavy, but if it’s about the embellishments you will be encouraged to use your stash, to recycle and to turn your imagination on.

As for mediums Finnabair is mostly using her own line of products from Prima that is called Art Basics, but feel free to use any other brand if you already have them.
If you are not sure which products to buy and which you can skip on we highly recommend you to first watch the lesson and then decide which product you want to get.

  • Canvas 18cm x 24cm (8”x10”)
  • Laces / fabrics and scraps of various materials
  • Random chipboards
  • Photograph - preferably a profile portrait in black and white with high contrast
  • Metal embellishments / buttons / recycled elements / cabochones

  • Heavy Body Gel or Modeling Paste
  • Black Gesso
  • White Gesso
  • Sprays
  • Mica Powders

  • Scissors
  • ½”, ¾” flat synthetic brush

The imagine class is divided into 5 sections:

Product Info. Running time: 16:05
Part 1: Introduction and Surface Preparation. Running time: 29:48
Part 2: Adding Dimensional Elements. Running time: 24:50
Part 3: Colour. Running time: 25:51
Part 4: Extra Slice. Running time 31:39

Total Time: 128:13 ( 2 hours 8 minutes 13 seconds of dynamic, fact filled, edited content with Finnabair)

Some of the testimonials from participants of the Imagine class

Wilma Blom: What an awesome class. Thank you for the inspiration!!! Time to play now ;-)

Kat Lakie: I have really enjoyed this class, thanks Finnabair.  I haven't done my projects yet (I have 2 planned as gifts) but I'm really looking forward to doing them. I have done 2 book covers in your style but now I know exactly how to achieve the look I want.  Thank you.

Lena Stain: Thank you! This has been an amazing class, thank you for tons of tips, tricks and inspiration!! Easy steps to follow and a very cozy atmosphere! I have learned so much! I'm almost done with my canvas

Toni Weeks: I loved this class. I can't wait to take another one. I will be creating my project tomorrow, I can't wait to play.

Lynda Turnbull: Anna, You are a fabulous teacher.  You have explained very well and never patronising. Thank you and I look forward to more online classes. 
Best wishes, Lynda xxx

Peggy Snodgrass: Anna, thank you so very much for this online class.  I have been wanting to take one of your classes forever, but it's rare that you are in this area of the eastern US. 

My first attempt has been completed and more are to come in the very near future.  You are a wonderful, teacher who explained each step in the best possible way.  The class helped me overcome my fears or should I say reluctance to try the techniques. 

Thank you again for all the inspiration and hope that many more classes will follow. 

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The price of this class is £24.99 which will be about $31 US, $40 AUD/CAD, €29 Euro.

Please note: You are buying the Imagine class only, the next class will be available to purchase in September 2017.

Learn more about Art Transformations & watch the promotional video here.

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